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 Our fleet of eccentric and spooky costumed racers raced down the canal on a tranquil and crisp autumn morning.

As the racers navigated their respective short and long courses, the sun grew even brighter, peaking at a perfect 70 degrees. A wide variety of watercraft were present today, including surfskis, K-1 kayaks, outrigger canoes, prone paddleboards, SUPs, and even a SupSquatch!


There may very well have been a course record or two broken today, thanks to these favorable conditions and the dedication of our paddlers. This includes all of our athletes today, with special attention given to the River Town Racers' very own Alva brothers. Zachary and Petri were the first long course paddlers to cross the finish line, achieving times of 42:43 and 43:37, respectively.

The SupSquatch category was dominated by the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs, also known as the Moseby family. They epitomize a family that knows how to have fun together.

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The costume contest held after the race was undoubtedly the most outrageous one to date. We had the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Piggies, the Moseby Family, as well as Slash (Trey), a captivating mermaid (Mira), and a mischievous little devil (Maddy King). Our owner, Cort Larned, and supreme wrangler, bedazzled everyone in his ten-gallon cowboy hat and sparkling dinner jacket, giving off a unique business cowboy casual vibe.

IMG 6912 2We can't express our gratitude enough for everyone who joined us today, as the event transformed from a race into a lively party! Our next race will take place on Saturday, November 18th, and it will be our Winter Race Series Race #3, our Turkey Day Race, and a fundraiser to help people enjoy a warm and hearty Thanksgiving meal. The race results are attached on the bottom of the page. 

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