Quickblad sup foil paddle

There is a new kid on the block in the ever-evolving world of SUP Foiling! Brought to you by the “mad scientist” Jimmy Terrell from QuickBlade Paddles, the Ono Ava 105 paddle.

Quickblade foiling paddle

Jimmy’s original design of the Ono Ava was created for the folks in outrigger canoes because it’s truly a powerhouse that helps you move the water. The angle of the blade is 15 degrees from shaft to blade face, so it allows for a further reach and gets your foil board to release faster from the water and into the air.

Another unique design feature is the deep concave on the back side of the blade that makes for effortless, almost mindless paddling by consistently placing the blade into the water over and over again with minimal cavitation!

Keep your eyes peeled at your local foiling location, we’ve sold some of these Ono Avas to some of the best San Francisco Bay area foil surfers. Watch and drool as they dig in and pop up super fast with less effort than other paddles on the market.

As we say here at 101 Surf Sports, every day is demo day. So if you are interested, call and rsvp our demo Ono Ava and see for yourself. We can barely keep this paddle in stock, so hurry to the shop and see the latest and greatest creation from QuickBlade paddles!

Check out more info in the video below then come get yours!