board ding repair for san francisco bay area

The team at 101 Surf Sports is happy to help you out when you want to fix a fresh ding on your surfboard, kiteboard, windsurf board or stand up paddleboard! When you get a ding, you might ask yourself “how do I fix the ding on my surfboard?”

The answer is to drop by the 101 Surf Sports shop because we do surfboard, kiteboard, windsurf, paddleboard and foilboard ding repair!

No matter if it happened in the water, on land or if it got dinged during airline travel.

surfboard ding repair for san francisco bay area

We work on carbon and fiberglass boards as well as outrigger canoes and surfskis as well as the occasional rotomolded Kayak welding.

For a proper ding repair, the board must be dry, so please inspect the damaged board for things such as salt buildup or if it is weeping / Wick test / Salt test.  Suck on it  or kiss it or look for salt buildup.  We cannot dry your board out for you.  Some methods for speeding up the drying process is to place it in a sunny area (be careful that it doesn’t get too hot and melt. If the board has a screw-in vent plug, make sure you remove it!!! Other methods are using desiccants, dehumidifiers, and time.

Delamination occurs when moisture is trapped in the wet board/death of the board. The water that enters the board often travels through the foam all the way to the tail of the board. Some boards may never dry out.

paddleboard ding repair for san francisco bay area

We have a saying for when a board is delaminated, “Ride it till it dies!”. It’s not meant to be derogatory, oftentimes it’s just the reality of the state and severity of the damage or delamination. Quick-fix options are better for older boards. 

Paint matching is complicated sometimes due to the nature of polyester and epoxy boards being exposed to the powerful UV rays from the sun, the boards are always in a constant state of aging, such as a yellowish-looking board. With that being said, we do not do color matching. Structural integrity is what we aim for as the end result. 

Most dings actually happen in transit or in the garage! Board Bags is a great way to protect your board on the way to the beach and having a nice way to store it is wall racks.

Another pro tip is to never put a wet board into a board bag. You run the risk of creating paint dimples. 

foilboard ding repair for san francisco bay area

Keep some small patches of our rail tape in your car so you can finish your session!

The minimum charge is $50 for our repairs. If that’s not in your budget, grab a tube of Solarez for $20 and bond with your board! If you are unsure of how to start, Youtube is chock full of how-to repair videos. The best online resource is the Board Lady Repair Website

The typical turnaround time is two weeks. Each repair is unique, so the varying levels of complexity add to the lead time.

Repair products that we sell for do-it-yourself repairs are Solarez Epoxy, Ding All and rail tape. 

Things we don’t do are buckled boards, no kayak rudders, no paint matching, and delaminations. Another thing that we do not do is deck pad removal. If you want a new deck pad put on your board, make sure that you remove all glue and pieces of deck pad before you bring it in for the application of the new pad. The same can be said for regripping a windsurfing boom. If you do the elbow grease, we’ll professionally install it for you.

Great services that we do really well are fixing blown-out fin boxes, watertight repairs, and adding rail tape to the rails of your SUP to protect it from paddle strikes.

We work on Surfboards / SUP’s / Surfskis / Outrigger Canoes / Windsurfers / Wingboards.

Our highly skilled, dedicated repair technician Derek has over a decade of experience. He has a loyal following of return customers because he gives the highest level of customer service. You can feel free to drop by 7 days a week for an estimate. If you want to save a trip, show us a picture before you arrive by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We service the San Francisco Bay area and we are located in Marin County in San Rafael.