Rabbit Race January 2023

The scene at 101 Surf Sports was Hopping this past Saturday, January 21st on probably the most beautiful day of the year so far of our Winter Paddle Race Series. 

San Francisco Bay paddle race celebrates year of the rabbit

It was especially fitting that things were hopping because everyone was decked out with their rabbit ears for our celebration of the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Rabbit is known as the meaning of washing away bad luck and bringing in all of the good luck.

Even though we are in the San Francisco Bay area, surrounded by water and the Pineapple Express waterfall of rain has subsided, our early race sign-ups were a bit slower than normal. However, our dear friend Jen Fuller rallied her troops and our intrepid River Town Racers put the numbers over the top. So much in fact that the Canal looked like an Epic Kayaks showroom with all of the surfskis lined up on the starting line.

The luck of the rabbit was everywhere today with some sizzling hot finish times. Actually, some course records were most likely broken! One of our racers has been a part of our community since he was a wee little nipper, young Jack Charlesworth, and he not only hit his first course record at the age of ten…he hit his second one today at the age of 14! The future of any sport is the youth that start perfecting their skills that last for a lifetime passion for sports. The coaches from Rivertown Racers are doing exactly that kind of cultivation of young paddlers, amongst their ranks walks a national and world champion paddler or two.

Rivertown Paddle racers

Several paddlers shined today for many reasons other than fast times and course records.

In life, attitude is everything, and these folks embody that quote. One of our paddlers, Matthew Rosen’s rudder fell off his surfski right before the start. He didn’t panic or decide to not get on the water. He handled it with grace, got back in the race only a short bit behind the pack, and crossed the finish line with a smile. A couple of other stand-out paddlers with the perfect attitude would be Mira Kanter and Loraine Otte. They train hard with their coach Jen Fuller and each time we see them race, they get faster and faster and their smiles get bigger and bigger. Loraine was extra fast today on her brand new Infinity Blackfish with her trusty QuickBlade UV 82, perhaps it’s the attitude, maybe it’s the gear? Whatever the case, we suggest that you try both.

Lorine Ott with the strong finish on the Infinity Blackfish

extreme pizza san Rafael is the best pizza in Marin county

Another thing warmed the souls of the racers today, the arrival of the piping hot and delicious Extreme Pizza! The pizza was complemented by a hearty salad prepared by our adhoc chef Cort, and it was the talk of the tables. Please support the businesses that support your scene. Extreme Pizza has provided hundreds of pizzas over the years for our on-site paddle party birthdays and corporate events that our customers book.

One more fantastic partnership we have developed over the years would be with Mark Hadeen of the San Rafael Police Department. He is always out in the bay on the SRPD boat “Mission City”, helping to keep people safe on the water, and he’s the one that always has our back to make sure that our racers are safe and sound. Thank you so much Mark, we truly appreciate you!

With that being said, if you have yet to ever do a race, keep in mind that our events are perfect for the first-time paddler. If you want to have an amazing time and meet some wonderful people, sign up for one of our last two races for the season.

Our Mardi Gras themed Race #5 February 18th More Information & Register Here

And our end-of-season final blowout for St. Patty’s Day on March 18th More Information & Register Here

For all of our paddlers who are interested in taking a peek at our Course Records, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming blog post that will have a listing of 12 years worth of 101 Surf Sports race series records. We highly suggest each racer take a look at their PaddleGuru account and let us know if you think we need to add your name! If you want to help us update the list, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The team at 101 Surf Sports wants to thank each and every one of YOU for coming to our events and for helping the paddle sports community thrive. We are a community full of wonderful people, so the next time you attend one of our events, bring a friend!


Complete Results 

Course  Name(s) Category Age Group Gender Time Rank Div Rank
Long    Zachary Alva Surfski Single / K-1 Open (18 to 50) male 41:59.0 3 1
Long    Petri Alva Surfski Single / K-1 Open (18 to 50) male 55:50.2 4 2
Long    Albert Szilvasy Surfski Single / K-1 Open (18 to 50) male 56:04.5 5 3
Long    Ben Lawry, Sebastian Kauffman Surfski Double / K-2 Juniors (1-17) male 56:19.7 6 1
Long    Steve Axt Surfski Single / K-1 Masters (51-60) male 58:24.1 7 1
Long    Kenny Howell Surfski Single / K-1 Grand Masters (61-70) male 59:20.2 8 1
Long    Vio Popa Surfski Single / K-1 Open (18 to 50) male 00:06.1 9 4
Long    Idan Avrutsky Surfski Single / K-1 Open (18 to 50) male 00:27.7 10 5
Long    John Dye, Amy Byers Oc-2 Masters (51-60) male 00:59.5 11 1
Long    Jake Johnson Surfski Single / K-1 Juniors (1-17) male 01:41.8 12 1
Long    Paul MacIntyre Surfski Single / K-1 Grand Masters (61-70) male 01:52.1 13 2
Long    Yohei Rosen Oc-1 Open (18 to 50) male 01:52.1 14 1
Long    Alan Dixon Surfski Single / K-1 Grand Masters (61-70) male 02:58.2 15 3
Long    Jody McComas Surfski Single / K-1 Grand Masters (61-70) male 04:38.7 16 4
Long    Jonas Moore, Leah Ahmed Surfski Double / K-2 Juniors (1-17) mixed 06:21.9 17 1
Long    Doug Kidder Oc-1 Grand Masters (61-70) male 07:15.8 18 1
Long    Lukose Ninan Surfski Single / K-1 Masters (51-60) male 07:58.1 19 2
Long    Jonathan Paulsen Surfski Single / K-1 Masters (51-60) male 09:13.1 20 3
Long    Rachel Alvarez Oc-1 Open (18 to 50) female 10:24.5 21 1
Long    Matt Chamberlain, Tom Nadzam Oc-2 Masters (51-60) male 10:26.2 22 2
Long    Pete Gauvin SUP 14' Masters (51-60) male 11:11.2 23 1
Long    Thane Jennings Oc-1 Grand Masters (61-70) male 14:22.3 24 2
Long    Matthew Rosen Surfski Single / K-1 Masters (51-60) male 19:19.2 25 4
Long    glenn friedland Surfski Single / K-1 Grand Masters (61-70) male 19:20.8 26 5
Long    Tanya Alva, Tracy Johnson Surfski Double / K-2 Masters female 20:17.7 27 1
Long    Nghi Lam Surfski Single / K-1 Open (18 to 50) female 22:35.9 28 1
Long    Vincent Fallourd SUP 14' Open (18 to 50) male 23:23.6 29 1
Long    Jen Fuller SUP 12'6" Masters (51-60) female 25:30.9 30 1
Long    Jack Charlesworth SUP 12'6" Juniors (1-17) male 29:04.6 31 1
Long    Trey Strickland  SUP 14' Masters (51-60) male 37:20.9 32 2
Long    Maryanne  Steurer SUP 14' Grand Masters (61-70) female 43:09.9 33 1
Long    Tracy Radcliffe SUP 14' Masters (51-60) female 44:00.4 34 1
Long    Mira Kanter SUP 14' Masters (51-60) female 08:32.7 35 2
Short    Zoe Rice Surfski Single / K-1 Juniors female 22:35.1 1 1
Short    Beck Geiser Surfski Single / K-1 Juniors male 25:26.9 2 1
Short    Avery Uang Surfski Single / K-1 Juniors male 28:11.7 3 2
Short    Noah Best Surfski Single / K-1 Juniors male 28:12.8 4 3
Short    Daniel Madick Surfski Single / K-1 Juniors male 31:34.3 5 4
Short    Noah Humbard Surfski Single / K-1 Juniors male 31:35.1 6 5
Short    Daniel  Luciano, Martin Ramos Oc-2 Open (18 to 50) male 32:32.5 1 1
Short    Audrey Johnson Surfski Single / K-1 Juniors female 33:07.5 7 2
Short    Isabella  Lofaro Surfski Single / K-1 Juniors female 33:35.6 9 3
Short    Kianna  Morse Surfski Single / K-1 Juniors female 33:35.6 8 4
Short    Lorinne Otte SUP 14' Masters female 39:16.4 10 1
Short    Bob Cooper Kayak Senior Masters male 39:47.6 11 1
Short    Kris Everett SUP 12'6" Masters female 47:01.6 12 1
Short    Kelly Geiser SUP 12'6" Open female 52:40.8 13 1
Short    Jessica Moore SUP 12'6" Open female 56:58.8 14 2




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