Now we know it's pretty hard to get excited over a towel but being the avid beach people we are this towel got us worked in to lather. 

sand cloud towels in marin county

We ran into Sand Cloud towels on a recent trip to Hawaii and once we tried one we had to get them for the shop. Beyond the cool designs, they are made from ultra-absorbent Turkish cotton and feel simply glorious to the touch at the same time they resist sand. Unlike other towels, they also pack up nice and small so are great for taking on that next vacation. Founded by 3 friends from San Diego the company's mission got us sold. 10% of the profits go towards Marine Conservation so lay on a Sand Cloud towel and you are literally helping save the ocean. Check out our Sand Cloud Towels here. 

fahlo turtle bracelet san rafael

Speaking of saving the oceans we are stoked to welcome Fahlo bracelets to the store. Each bracelet helps track an animal under threat with the goal to educate customers about wildlife and excite them about conservation. You can choose to track a turtle, elephant, penguin and more! These bracelets make excellent gifts and create an interactive experience that helps spread the word about the importance of conservation. See our Fahlo Bracelets Here or come on down and try some on at the store.