Morning Group paddles

Your New Years resolution just found you again. Paddle more in 2020 and do it with friends.  

We are starting up our morning paddles for 2020 and we want you. to join us. You always say "I am no good I shouldn't go to these". Actually that is exactly wrong. Our morning group paddles are for paddlers of all abilities. We know your saying but "I am terrible at paddling so I can't be around people." The reality is your terrible because you are not around people. So stop being terrible and get down here. 

You will not be too slow and hold the group up. You will not be embarassed. You need to stop talking to yourself like that and we can show you how. Yeah, you are right, it will hurt but you also know it needs to. 


If you think you are already pretty good then come on down and we will do our best to crush your spirit and use you like a buoy. But seriously we all get better by pushing each other and we do it with a smile on our face, an atta boy tone in our voice, and a cowbell in our heart.

We do like to run things on time. While you are welcome to show up late, we will be on the water.  We have a pretty fixed routine that we adhere to so here is how it works.

  • Outrigger Canoe PaddlingWe arrive at 7am and open the shop. Anyone renting gear must be here at 7am to get set up.
  • At 7:20 we lead a light stretch and warm up. 
  • At 7:30 we leave from the dock and are on the water. 

We Start Saturday's - Saturday March 21st and most Saturdays there after. No paddle on March 28th so we can go to Santa Cruz Paddlefest Race. If there is a race that weekend there will be no practice.

We Start Tuesday's - Tuesday March 10th and almost every Tuesday there after ending in October. 

We schedule weekend Crissy Field runs for those looking for an extra challenge. The next Crissy field paddles are;

We vary our routine from distances to intervals depending on how we feel.  

The paddles are for both men and women, prone, surfski, SUP, Outrigger it doesn't matter just bring it whatever it is. Inflatables? YES! We’ll even help you pump up with our electric inflation station system.

If you want a board rental it is available for $35+tax flat fee (and it's the good stuff) and you can paddle as long as you want. Please RSVP to 415-524-8492 if you need any rental gear. No RSVP Needed if you have your own gear.

YOU NEED TO CHECK THE WEBSITE CALENDAR (or facebook events) THE DAY BEFORE to make sure no cancellation has occurred. We have kids and life can cause issues. With that said weather rarely stops us. We'll paddle in the rain no problem, but sometimes high winds can lead to cancellations. 

Looking to catch waves? Well then catch our Group SUP / Foil / Surf Sessions

Friday March 13th - More Information

Friday March 27th - More Information

Group paddles

This group will inspire you paddle harder. You will get better. You will get to see firsthand how some of the area’s top paddlers got to where they are in a fun inclusive practice session. The focus is on a fun workout with friends and it's hard to beat the price. See you on the water.

Tuesday's 7am - 101 Surf Sports San Rafael

Sunday's 7am - 101 Surf Sports San Rafael

Remember you only suck because you don't come to these sessions. By definition we 100% guarantee you will stop sucking if you come down and paddle with us. 


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