Under blue skies and abundant sunshine, we gathered for our last paddle race of the season. All season long we have been sweating bad weather the night before racing but last night we slept like babes.(pictured Short Course first to finish Leo Montero blazing a tail of sparkles to the finish)

With high pressure locked in place by the bomb cyclone storm in the Midwest it was near perfect 65-degree weather for racing and another reason to be grateful we live in such an amazing place. With flat waters, and near windless conditions on San Francisco Bay the racers were in for a treat. It got even a little better as about the time the long course fleet hit the half way point the North West wind filled in creating a little push on the way back.

Video of the Long Course Start - see lots more videos in our gallery link below. 

Shanna Upton set the new course record

With conditions that nice you’d think some course records would be broken and you would be right. Shanna Upton’s 1 hour 3-minute time is the new bench mark for the ladies 14’ SUP’s and she has the coffee cup to prove it.

Kailyn Winter put the best time in multiple categories earning herself the coveted orange mug. Her 1 hour 6-minute time is the course record for any man or woman and what makes is even more special is that Kailyn is in the under 18 division. Grom Power!

Kailyn Winter

We must thank our steadfast sponsors. Kind Bar, Hint Water, and the Fruit Guys have been with us for years. We are stoked to work with companies that put quality first and are pillars of their community. Please support the businesses that support our sport.

Support the businesses that support our sport

Thanks as well to the team at Westpoint Harbor. We are blessed to have such an amazing facility to share with our people.

What's it like to paddle with Michael Melville? Turn up the volume for this one. Pull water. Pull it. Metaphor for life.

But of course, our biggest thanks goes to our racers. We hope you enjoyed our winter series and we will be back next season with even more racing fun. In the meantime, make sure to look up these 3 upcoming races.

March 30th – Santa Cruz Paddlefest - More Information ( Check out the SUP Film Fest too)

May 4th – Great Russian River Race - More Information 

May 24th – California River Quest - - More Information (Go For the Grail - Wafer thin mint on us.) 

Race fee!

While we are talking dates. Don’t forget to tell all your friends about our 2 free swap meets.

San Rafael Swap Meet – April 6th - More Information

Redwood City Swap Meet – April 13th - More Information


As long as you have your calendar out mark down October 6th for Battle of the Bay. This year Battle of the Bay returns to its roots here in San Rafael at Mcnears Beach. (pictured above first place in the Kayak short course women for Mira Gillet)


Complete Results (short course subtract 4 minutes to get corrected time)

Jeff Kay 18-55 OC1 Men  Long  54:26:00
Zachary Tinay Gonzales 18-55 OC1 Men  Long  59:26:00
Jeff Cleeland 56+ OC1 Men  Long  1:00:02
Jamie Willin 56+ SUP 14 Men  Long  1:01:44
Shanna Upton 18-55 SUP 14 Women Long  1:03:33
Vincent Fallourd 18-55 SUP 14  Men  Long  1:04:55
Teresa Rogerson, Michael Melville, Devin Horstman Lots Red Dragon  Mixed Long  1:05:11
Kailyn Winter u18 prone stock women Long  1:06:08
Chris Pope  18-55 SUP 14 Men  Long  1:10:00
Scott Laberge 56+ SUP 12'6 Men  Long  1:13:10
Madeleine King 56+ SUP 12'6 Women Long  1:15:40
Alex Groswird 56+ SUP 14 Men  Long  1:16:30
Leo Montero  18-55 SUP 14 Men  Short 40:35:00
Bob Cooper  56+ Kayak  Men Short 41:15:00
Kevin Finn 18-55 SUP 14 Men  Short 42:08:00
Gary Leong 56+ SUP 14 Men  Short 45:08:00
Mike Acosta 18-55 SUP 14 Men Short 48:05:00
Emily Mathews 18-55 SUP 14 Men Short 50:00:00
Mira Gillet 18-55 Kayak  Men  Short 57:53:00
Krista Yap 18-55 SUP Surf Women short 58:10:00
Ruth Schreiner 18-55 SUP Surf Women short 59:09:00


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