Foil surfing

If you have been here before you know try before you buy is a big part of our act. Well we have extended that to our Foils and Foilboards from Jimmy Lewis, Go Foil, Slingshot and F4 Foils.

Yes foiling is just as fun as it looks. With that said it's also a little harder than it looks. Yes we know Kai Lenny makes it look pretty easy but your probably not Kai Lenny.....yet.

What our experience has taught us is to go big. Big foils and big boards that is. 8' Foot Foil SUP and 200 to 280 cm wings is the call to get you started in the air. Whether it is downdwinding on San Francisco Bay or Foil Surfing in the waves we have you covered. Windsurf foil curious? We can make that happen too. 

Here's how the program works.You can come on down to the shop and first try the boards behind the shop if you want to figure out what the right volume is for you. Then take it to the beach and try it. The problem is you probably don't want to own the big stuff so use our program to get your first couple of trys while building credit towards the purchase of the gear you actually want. 

We are running an introductory special starting now and then running through the end of April. The first day rate for 24 hours for both board & foil is $100. If you need to add 24 hours than it's an additional $50. We even offer Friday pickups and Monday drop offs at no extra charge. You may rent up 2 times in which the credit can be applied to purchase up to a limit of $200. That credit is good for up two two months before it expires. You are welcome to keep renting but the credit is capped at $200. Rates will go up in April so lets get going!

We have in our demo fleet the following;


Go Foil Nalu

Go Foil Kai

Go Foil Iwa

Go Foil Maliko 200

Go Foil Maliko 280

Slingshot Airstrike

Slingshot Dialer

Slingshot Hover

Foils from F4

Marlon Lewis Super Fly Prone 5'8"

Jimmy Lewis 8'5 Learn To Foil Board

Jimmy Lewis Super Fly 7'5"

Jimmy Lewis Super Fly 6'11"

Jimmy Lewis Super Fly 5'5"

Stretch 6'10 

And more. We have made all the mistakes for you so come on down and learn what we have. Foiling is fun and we have the smiles to prove it. 

Call us at 415-524-8492 or reach out by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just come on in to our San Rafael show room. 


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