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Windsurfing Lessons for the San Francisco Bay Area

Windsurfing in the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most exhilarating water sports there is. While it is possible to teach yourself getting lessons can really make it more fun, and easier to accomplish.

cal sailing club teaches windsurfing lessons on san francisco bayDue the nature of our locations we are not well set up to offer lessons, but that doesn't mean we can't help get you Windsurfing on San Francisco Bay. In fact we highly recommend you take your lessons with the Cal Sailing Club in Berkeley. By joining this club you can get access to high quality lessons at an incredible price.

Beginning Windsurfing Lessons are given each Saturday & Sunday morning at the Berkeley Marina from April through October. Classes are limited to the first 20 people who sign up and all the gear is included. The Cal Sailing Club does not have a phone. We encourage to head on down to 124 University Avenue inside the Berkeley Marina to check them out. Signing up for lessons is done on-site the day of the lesson and again is limited to the first 20 people. You can also email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.

Lessons start on land using a simulator as you learn the basics. After getting the basics down students then get a chance to get out on the water in safe environment led by Cal Sailings expert instructors. A progression ladder of skills is matched with a ratings system that then lets you advance as fast as you can absorb the information. Written tests are performed to help ensure you are learning all the skills to be a competent windsurfer.

If you have already mastered the basics Cal Sailing offers intermediate and advanced lessons as well. In fact there are some great free resources you can use to get a head start on the learning curve.

We highly recommend you check out Bill Prinzmetal's 10 Step guide to windsurfing. Read the Guide To Windsurfing Here

ABK windsurfing Schools - Learn To WindsurfAnother way to go is a full immersion clinic and there is non better than those offered by ABK Sports. Run by windsurfing's most accomplished instructor, Andy Brandt, these clinics pop up all over the United States and offer a multi-day experience that will get you windsurfing ASAP. With over 35 years of experience this is simply the best school anywhere. Check out ABK Windsurfing Here to find a clinic near you.

Finally it is possible to learn windsurfing on your own. By doing some internet research, reading some books, and watching videos you can teach yourself to windsurf. One of the best new tools out there to make this happen is the Arrows iRig (pictured below). This inflatable windsurfing rig takes the hardest part of learning - uphauling the sail out of the water - and gets rid of that step with this literally light as air windsurfing rig. We are very impressed this rig. It sails incredibly well and there is not better tool to learn with than this one. By making uphauling something anyone can do learning windsurfing has never been easier. With today's modern wide boards, and the Arrows iRig learning windsurfing is no longer a super physical activity. Check out the Arrows Inflatable Windsurfing Rig on our online store click here.

Inflatable Windsurfing Rig - Great for teaching yourself to windsurf

The Arrows iRig is no pool toy but a real rig that is not only great for learning. We are blown away (pun intended) by the performance this new rig offers up and at such a great price too.

Speaking of a great price or less than 2 bucks an investment in the Zen and the Art of Windsurfing is a no brainer. You can pick it up on Amazon for next to nothing. Zen And The Art of Windsurfing on Amazon Click Here.

With all these resources learning to windsurfing is way easier than ever. With Stand Up Paddleboards, or WindSUP's as they are known, also making for great learning platforms you are not left with a learning board should you decide to teach yourself. Combine a WindSUP with an iRig and you have not only a great platform for learning but also a new way for the whole family to enjoy boardsailing all summer long.

If you have any questions we highly encourage you to give us a call at 415-524-8492 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We offer a full selection for sale of all the gear you need to get windsurfing and we have a passion to getting you on the water and enjoying it as much as we do.

windsurfing is easy to learn and fun to do. This could be you!

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