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We we pretty excited when we first saw the 2017 Starboard Stand Up Paddleboards for the first time at the trade show. After we got our hands on them for some test rides we knew this was a watershed year for Starboard. With that said we ordered big and we ordered early. Many of the 2017 Starboards are here now!

Starboard offered us the chance to get our gear in early this year and so we jumped at the chance. Allstar's, Drive's, Blends and more are at 101 Surf Sports and ready to ride. While the Starboard brand has long been known for quality and innovation it looks like 2017 is going to be their best year ever.

The progression in the hard board Stand Up Paddleboard line up is rapidly changing however it's the inflatable stand up paddleboards that may have had the biggest leap forward.

Starboard inflatable stand up paddleboard construction

While product is indeed important Starboard has taken some pretty major steps to put the health and well being of mother earth front and center. At our recent dealer conference the company pledged to get to a carbon neutral platform by 2020. And as part of that journey they announced some pretty big Eco-changes to the 2017 line up with more changes rolling through out the year.

  • Reducing the use of plastics in packaging. We were very impressed unpacking our first batch of Starboard Stand UP Paddleboards. All packing materials were either paper or cardboard. The only non recycle-able was the tape used to seal the box. 
  • 2017 boards are part of Sustaninable Surf's Eco-board Program.
  • Paper use is being offset by the planting of mangroves. Mangroves are one of the earths best plant at processing CO2.
  • Bio-Resins replacing epoxy and polyester resins
  • The elimination of glue in the inflatables
  • Moving to eco pigments in lieu of paints. This also happens to improve performance and durability. Win-Win is what Starboard is all about.
  • and more.....Click Here to see a list of initiatives Starboard has taken.

While improving the product Starboard has recently teamed up to support some incredible organizations that are working hard to protect the planet.

Starboard supports the environment

  • Parley - Protecting our Oceans through engaging industry and consumers in a program of active change. 
  • SUP Kids - teaching kids to respect the ocean creating a new army of earth ambassadors.
  • Sustainable Surf - pushing industry wide change to make the water sports business more eco-friendly as a whole.
  • Thor Heyerdahl Institute - focused on interdisciplinary research that increases International dialogue & multi-cultural co-operation with a goal of protecting of the global environment.

And of course the product innovation continues. Some highlights include;

 2017 Starboard All Star

  • The 2017 Starboard Allstar once again is head and shoulders above the rest. We are blown away by this board. Reduced nose weight and an improved bottom design make this the best raceboard on the planet for San Francisco Bay.
  • The entire Starboard inflatable stand up paddleboard line up is improved. Carbon Stiffening Rails, Lighter boards(no glue), Better pumps and bags make for an all round step forward. Read More.
  • The introduction of the PineTek construction. True full wood sandwich construction at a great price. You'll find your windsurfing option on the Pintek boards this year.
  • The Starboard Freeride redesign hit the mark on all points. This board will give the SIC Bullet a run for its money and probably outrun it on the flat water side of the coin.
  • Stellar Graphics. The 2017 line up is tight and clean.
  • Starlite Construction (see below) - This new construction offering from Starboard may be the best value on the market. Inegra reinforcements keep the board light while increasing durability.
  • The introduction of a 1 year Warranty.
  • Pushing the SUP Foiling Craze the next level. Read More

While all this is going on the Starboard Pro Team is simply on a roll. With both Men's and Women's World Championship titles for 2016. Congrats to Connor Baxter and Fiona Wylde respectively. Good Product, Good Ethos, Good People. Starboard is simply on a roll.

Connor Baxter and Fiona Wylde 2017 Stand Up Paddleboarding World Champions

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