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San Francisco Bay Tides

If you are in to water sports like we are than the arrival of the 2016 Tide Logs for San Francisco Bay is a big deal!

Well our 2016 Tide Logs have just arrived. We have a limited supply so if your in the need come on down and grab one ASAP. If you aren't sure about what a tide log is then let us give you the low down. While most tide data is available on the internet the Log itself is indispensible for the incredible amount of information tucked in to a quick easy to access format. Here's whats packed in side. ;

SF Bay Tides

TIDES: Daily tide curves are based on official NOAA predictions for each area and show the height of tide anytime. Watch the changing tidal rhythms produced by the moon’s phase, distance and declination. Most locations in an area differ by only minutes from the major reference station on which the curve is based; complete corrections are included for precise adjustments.

CURRENTS: Time and strength of maximum currents and times of slack water. Puget Sound and Northern California editions include NOAA chart series showing current movement each hour throughout the Sound and San Francisco Bay, respectively.

SUNRISE & SUNSET, DAWN & DARK: Shown by the skyshading. The lighter band near the sun indicates the duration of nautical twilight, which defines “dawn” and “dark.”

MOON: The principal determinant of the tides is treated in detail. It is shown in its current phase each day at its zenith. Perigee, apogee and declination also affect the tides and are also noted. The dotted-line arcs indicate moonrise and moonset, and show which nighttimes will have moonlight and which will be dark.

ASTRONOMICAL: The five planets visible to the naked eye are shown at their zeniths once a week, sized according to apparent brightness. Major meteor showers and eclipses are noted when they occur.

Of course we take ours up a notch with a gold leaf embossed cover! If you are looking for the perfect gift your San Francisco Bay Stand Up Paddleboarder, Kiteboarder, Windsurfer, Fisherman, or Kayaker than look no further. Our Tide Log is good for the Northern California region and at only $19.95 it's a score.





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