Marin Sanitation supports Earth Day Big Time!

Making the Earth a better place means making it a cleaner one and the folks at the City of San Rafael and Marin Sanitary are doing their part!

With Earth day just in front of us we had an idea to take some cleanup to the water. With the City of San Rafael mobilizing teams throughout the city we reached out to see if we couldn't help support some water based teams to help pick up trash on the San Rafael Canal. The ideas was to offer free SUP and Kayak rentals all day long to anyone who was willing to pick up trash on the water as they paddled. The challenge would be however where to put all that trash – enter Marin Sanitary. Marin Sanitary took the idea and ran with it. They didn't see just Earth Day as single day they took it to the next level donating a trash receptacle with pick up services for the whole year! You can see our new dumpster pictured at top. We now use that for our dedicated canal clean up bin.

The City of San Rafael stepped it up another notch dropping off trash bags that were perfect for collecting on the water and with that some 20+ paddlers took to action bringing in a bounty of trash. Amongst the prizes collected were a barnacle covered tricycle, a patio chair, and countless plastic bottles and small plastic parts. With our new Marin Sanitary provided bin we'll be hunting down trash all year long and the Canal ecosystem is sure to benefit big time!

Thanks to everyone who paddled for trash and we are sure to repeat the event next year. In fact anyone who helped clean up on Earth Day by Land, any City of San Rafael Employee, or any Marin Sanitary Employee can come in during from now through the end of May for one complimentary SUP or Kayak rental just use the coupon code word "Marin Sanitary".

Once again thanks to the City of San Rafael and Marin Sanitary for stepping up to make Earth Day Paddletastic!