Congratulations on owning the fastest paddlecraft on the San Francisco Bay! Surfskis are tons of fun and great exercise and your surfski will last a lifetime if you look after it.

Epic Surfskis come in four construction types. The V5 and V7 are made from rotomolded polyethylene with a proprietary core technology. The rest of the line-up of Epic kayaks are made with strong, durable, lightweight materials including carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass and a specially formulated epoxy resin which is stronger and tougher than polyester or vinyl ester resin. Epic's sandwich core construction process with these materials ensures our kayaks are noticeably lighter than any of the competition. Epoxy resin is infused into our kayaks under full vacuum. This eliminates voids and produces Epic's signature high strength and lightweight standards. After infusion, our boats are post-cured at elevated temperatures to create the strongest and lightest kayaks on the market.

Rinsing your ski with fresh water is always a good idea. Scum build up can be removed gently with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

There are two schools of thought about whether waxing your ski is a good idea. It will certainly protect the gelcoat finish, but may potentially slow you down. Read a fascinating article about the debate HERE. There is no doubt that using wax or a UV protectant such as 303 will keep your surfski looking like new for longer.

Keeping sand out of the tracks for the adjustable footboard is key to its functionality and durability. A light spray of the tracks with Dry Silicone Spray will help to keep it working smoothly.

Adjusting the rudder lines couldn't be simpler. Here's a great video from Epic Kayaks on setting up and adjusting your rudder.

Epic Surfskis are built to the highest standards and are as tough as any other brand on the market but even so accidental damage can occur. All construction types are repairable but we recommend seeking professional advice. 101 Surf Sports offers a full repair service. Shoot us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with some images of the damage and we will be able to give you a rough estimate and a more accurate estimate once we see the ski in person.

Storage and transportation of your surfski are where most of the damage occurs. Store your kayak UPSIDE DOWN on its deck, utilizing the rigid shape of the cockpit and the curvature of the back of the seat as the locations to set foam blocks on the ground or on a rack. Even better, hang your ski up in the garage out of the way using straps or a hoist system.

Foam blocks or rack pads are the best way to transport your surfski on your vehicle. Again transport it upside down. The further you have the cross bars apart on your vehicle the more secure the surfski will be in crosswinds. Bow and stern lines are a good idea if your bars are close together but be extremely careful to avoid over tightening them. 

Avoid leaving your surfski on the roof of your vehicle in hot weather and direct sunlight. High temperatures can cause the polyethylene plastic or epoxy to literally melt and cause significant damage to your surfski. A boat cover will help to avoid your ski overheating, and make sure to loosen the tension on any straps if leaving your surfski on a vehicle in direct sunlight for any length of time. Remember to tighten them again before you drive away!

Here are some useful videos from Epic to help you maintain and adjust your surfski:

Setting up and Adjusting your Rudder? Find the video HERE!


Need to install the SmartTrack Rudder (V5 or V7) Click HERE.


If you have any questions about looking after your Epic Surfski, shoot us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)