Custom SUP Race Board

Custom SUP race board

101 Surf Sports stocks a full quiver of ready to go Stand Up Paddle race boards; with that said nothing beats a fine tuned racing machine tailored to not only your height, weight, and ability but also specifically designed to perform in the places you race.

Come in to the shop or give us a call and we will begin the process of honing in on the perfect race or surfing SUP board to fit your specific situation. Our team here at 101 Surf Sports is staffed by one the Bay Area's top SUP racers with a deep and broad knowledge of all the variables that go in to setting up the SUP race board you need to move to the front of the fleet. The process is however an involved one so plan to set aside 60-90 minutes to work through all the questions that go in to perfecting your design. Here are just some of the things you'll need to think about to get ready.

Custom SUP Race Boards

  • Where are you planning to race?
  • Do you have existing boards in your quiver we need to design out any overlaps?
  • Flatwater, Rough Water, Downwinding, or All-arounder.
  • Rockerlines
  • Length, width, and thickness
  • Bottom Shape (concave, convex, deep-v, double concaves, etc...)
  • Tail Design
  • Nose (entry) Design
  • Rail Design
  • Deck Layouts (flush, dugout)
  • Construction - (durability to weight tradeoff's)
  • Volume
  • Accessories
    • Deckpad or Traction Paint
    • Leash Plugs - single or double
    • Paint - we highly recommend no paint designs but its your board!
    • Go Pro Mount

101 Surf Sports is proud to work with one of the industry's most respected shapers, Kevin Seid, of Everpaddle in Haleiwa, Hawaii for all our custom boards. Kevin not only shapes the boards he races them as well. Having Kevin's first hand experiences in working with all these variables adds tremendous value to the overall process. In addition Kevin's attention to detail is legendary as he hand shapes what will be your ultimate racing machine.

Boards start at $2500 and take about 12-14 weeks from start to finish. So come on down today and let our years of SUP races experience on San Francisco Bay translate in to your new SUP Racing machine.  To get started contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us 415-524-8492 or click here to contact us.