Bark Prone Paddleboards hit San Francisco Bay!

We are stoked to welcome Bark Prone Paddleboards in to the shop with both Commmanders ready to tackle San Francisco Bay and the boards are in 'stock' now! (pun intended)

While almost everybody has heard of Stand Up Paddleboarding it's really the Prone Paddleboard that was at the genesis of the waterman movement. I'll bet you didn't know that in 1958 Jack Lalane paddled a Prone Paddleboard from the Farallon Islands all the way in to San Francisco doing the 30 Mile trip in just over 9.5 hours.

Prone Paddleboard Rentals

We rent Bark Prone paddleboards in both our locations. $25 for the first hour. $40 for 2 hours and $50 for an all day on site rental. Offsite rentals are also available just call us at 415-524-8492 to set that up. $75 for the first day and $35 for each additional day. Rent for 5 days and keep it for 7 days. 

prone paddleboard with Jack Bark

Prone paddleboards are meant to be used either laying down or kneeling poistions and can really deliver a swimming like work out. The Prone Paddleboard has been a mainstay of the Australian Life Guard Corps for decades and represents a versatile craft not only in the flat water but also in rougher weather. Due to the low profile nature of board & rider they excel in windy environments and ride downwind bumps with maximum glide. The 12 foot prone is also known as a 'stock' board and is better situated for riders under 200lbs.  The 14' paddleboard makes up the mainstay of most local race fleets and offers up a better glide with its increased waterline.

The boards come in two constructions. Carbon, also known as the "Pro Elite", or the "Standard' AST constuction. The Carbon boards are all about performance and light weight while the AST board offers up durability and a more economical way to enter the sport. We'll also be seeiing prone boards from Eaton Paddleboards arriving in spring time and with a sub $1400 price point they make getting started easy.

We've even put the 14' Pro Elite in to our demo/rental program so if you want to just dip your fingers in the water and check it out come on by and find out what prone paddleboarding on San Francisco Bay is all about.