Free Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle Demo Program

Quickblade and Werner Stand Up Paddleboard Paddles

"Splurge on the your paddle." You'll hear us say it time and again. Why? Rather than a long winded explanation come on down and find out first hand just exactly why. Introducing our 100% free stand up paddleboard paddle demo program. It's a Game Changer and here's how it works.

First we went the extra mile working with our manufacturers to custom fabricate premium adjustable demos. A Quickblade V-Drive adjustable? Yes in fact we have all 3 Quickblade V-Drives including the 81 V-Drive, the 91 V-Drive, and the 101 V-drive ready to roll. Werner Grand Prix's more your thing? We've likewise built out the Werner Grand Prix S1000 and S1000 small fit, the Grand Prix M1000, and Grand Prix F1000 in to custom adjustable demo versions.

Quickblades V-Drip Stand up paddleboard paddle

Just come on down to the 101 Surf Sports shop and bring your own board. There is no charge to bring and launch your own stand up paddleboard. In fact testing on your own board is recommended. If you do not have a board, or just don't want to shlep it around, you are welcome to rent one for $20+tax. After talking with one of the 101 Surf Sports team we'll help isolate the right paddle for your use case. Then you are welcome to take them on the water and test them out for yourself. We ask that you limit the length of your demo to one hour. Additionally you may choose to stay near our dock and switch back and forth from various models. Where possible we will add in uncut paddles for your test right alongside our custom demo paddle fleet. Unfortunately we can not do this for all the paddles we have in stock. Where possible we will also make available Stand Up Paddleboard Paddles from Naish Stand Up Paddleboarding, Starboard Stand Up Paddleboarding, and SIC Maui.

A good paddle can be a proverbial game changer – just ask Quickblade Paddles David Kalama and Jim Terrell.(see video below)


So come on down. Were confident you'll find out what we already know. A good paddle really is a game changer.

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