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CANCELLED for now- Free SemiGnar - Surfski - Free 1 hour Rental Voucher
Thursday 26 March 2020, 06:00pm - 08:00pm



Surfskis are the fastest paddlecraft on the water. If you are looking for a great low impact workout that uses all the major muscle groups or a way to get out on the water to enjoy the incredible scenery and wildlife that the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer, surfski paddling is a great option. 

Surfskis can be used for flate water paddling but are also the best boat for when the water turns rough. Easy to use with mininmal gear its really just a super fun kayak. If you are considering a sea kayak you should really look at hard at Surfski's first. 

Epic V5 Surfski

A surfski is essentially a sit-on-top kayak that is designed to glide through the water efficiently. You steer using foot pedals so all your effort can be used to propel the kayak forwards, allowing you to cover a lot more distance than a typical kayak. You can use any type of kayak paddle with a surfski but we recommend Epic's Wing paddle. Ultralight and extremely efficient, the wing paddle takes a bit of getting used to, but once mastered, will help you to develop a powerful and efficient forward stroke.

In addition to the forward stroke we will cover safety; how to remount your surfski in the event of a capsize; what clothing to wear for the conditions we experience here in the San Francisco Bay Area; how to tour using a surfski and places to go; training tips and how to prepare for your first race.

Everyone attending this semignar will get a voucher for a free one hour Surfski rental with intro lesson at a later date! 


Location 101 Surf Sports, 115 Third St, San Rafael CA