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Santa Cruz Paddlefest 2019
From Thursday 28 March 2019
To Sunday 31 March 2019
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santa cruz paddle fest

The longest running Paddle Surfing competition on the planet. Three decades+ of Paddle Surfing history have brought us to March 18-20th, 2016. The Santa Cruz Paddlefest is set for elite level Kayak Surfing, SUP Surfing and Racing this spring at Steamer Lane, California.

TheSCPF could not have a better venue. Located along West Cliff Drive near Lighthouse Point Park, the competition is centered on the world famous point break, Steamer Lane. The cliffs provide a natural amphitheater for spectators to experience elite athletes ripping into waves, and with an estimated 5000 people running/biking/surfing along the cliffs every day, our expo center is positioned to receive the maximum amount of foot traffic in the surrounding area.

Paddlers from all over the globe compete for three days at Santa Cruz's fabled right hander. The entire event consists of both Elite and Novice levels in kayak, SUP, and waveski surfing, as well as a paddleboard race. Given the variety competition levels and disciplines, the SCPF continually generates enthusiasm and participation throughout the paddling community.
Day one starts off with the first rounds of Kayak and SUP surfing at The Lane. The Elite surfers will have a tough long weekend ahead of them with multiple events against some of the best in the business! Day two, the competition gets into full swing. Packed with a line up of Elite Surfing at the point, the novice categories at friendly Cowells Beach and both a 6.2 mile and 2.7 mile Paddleboard race that runs along the iconic Santa Cruz Boardwalk, this is the busiest day of the event. With the novice categories concluding in the early afternoon of day three, the entire event is capped by the final rounds of the Elite Surfing Competition.


Location Cowells Beach - Santa Cruz

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