Stand Up Paddling Rentals For Marin and San Francisco

Socially distanced paddling

The 2020 season has been a tough one for all of us. We hope that getting our rentals & lessons back up and running offers something to look forward to. We sure do miss getting people on the water and are excited to start back at it.  (pictured - socially distanced mental health)

With safety as our primary focus we are starting out on a limited basis at first. As things progress we will be adding more dates and times and expanding our services. We will have all sorts of new rules and procedures and we hope this post gives you a roadmap for how things will roll out.

We joke that 101 Surf Sports is like Disneyland for the sports we love. The reality is with our history of building community and hollering ‘come on down’ from the mountain tops it's a bit awkward with all these new restrictions. We do so with the safety of everyone on the top of mind. We will be requiring all customers to wear masks and follow social distancing procedures while on site. At this time the store is not open so the only facilities are a porta potty so use the loo at home if you can. Hand sanitation stations have been built and deployed across the property so please use them often. 

Needless to say any customer with even a slight sniffle should not come down. We are not allowing any groups, nor are any of the party or picnic facilities available. Anyone you paddle with should be someone you live with or is in your immediate circle. Please put on your sunscreen before you arrive and be dressed and ready to go at your appointed start time. 

The new normal – at least for a while - goes like this.  


  • We are offering takeaway rentals on SUP and Double Kayaks. With a takeaway rental you pick up the gear here and drive away to use it somewhere else. SUP’s are $100 for the first day and $50 each additional day. Double Kayaks are $125 the first day and $75each additional day. Takeaway rentals must be reserved ahead of time. You can do this by calling the shop at 415-524-8492. Payment is made ahead of time and there are no refunds for cancellations. We have limited supply and holding gear aside takes that gear away from someone else.
  • We are offering on-site rentals for double kayaks and SUP on a limited basis
    • Rentals are Mon-Sun with two time slots per day
    • Members - If you had a membership account with us you can use that by calling us and making reservations. Members can paddle during our normal business hours with the exception of 10:30am or 2pm. By avoiding these hours we hope to control to the flow of people more safely. All members must call ahead and make reservations. No new memberships are being accepted at this time.

We remind you our friends over at Seatrek in Sausalito are also renting and able to offer a few more options for renting and classes. 


Lessons @ 101 Surf Sports

We too are now offering private lessons in SUP, Kayak, and Surfski.  We’ll have both beginner and advanced lessons available. All lessons are booked over the phone based on mutual availability. A beginner lesson in SUP or Kayak is $100 for one hour per person.  All lessons include unlimited paddling time after your lesson.  Advanced lessons are $125 an hour and focus on fitness and stroke techniques. Call 415-524-8492 to see availability and to book a lesson.  

Our shop is open for outdoor appointment based shopping. We have built and outdoor shopping village which means if you call ahead of time and we will have 

Thanks for your understanding and continued focus on keeping our community safe. We look forward to doing more in the days and months ahead. Stay safe.