Are ready to try SUP. Wing, or Surf Foiling? Well, we are ready to help you get going with some lessons from one of the best. 


Learn to fly over the waters of San Francisco with veteran waterman Cort Larned via 101 Surf Sports. An ambassador of water sports fun, Cort has been teaching clinics, group and private lessons for nearly four decades. Now focusing on the exciting new technology of foiling, he can work with you on mastering E-foiling, wingsurfing and SupFoiling at various locations around San Francisco, South Bay and the North Bay.

Using a 2-way headset via helmet for the students, he is able to offer timely and easy to understand instructions to get you lined up for success. Affiliate instructors also available at locations like Bodega Bay.

To book a lesson, call Cort at 415-699-7979, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.