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Free SemiGnar - Fins and Rubber
Thursday 13 February 2020, 06:00pm - 08:00pm

 fcs fin systems

The fins is the most important piece of gear in performance surfing. Changing fins can literally change the perfromance of any board. For example;

Stand up paddle board to tippy? A fin can fix that

Surfboard slow to bottom turn? Can't hold the high line? A fin can fix that. 

Windsurfer slides ouf all the time? A fin can fix that too. 

We'll take the time to breakdown all the variables when choosing a fin. Template, Rake, Chord, and more. We'll talk about the pros and cons ot thruster vs quad vs single. After a formal breakdown we'll open it up to Q&A. Twins, knubsters bonzers - its all fairgame.

Not sure what your existing fins are good for. Then bring them and we'll give you are opinion on what you are riding. 

We'll welcome Mike Coover from FCS Fins to help us in our journey. Mike will also give us a quick overview in the innovations in the new wetsuits - and honestly its pretty dramatic. The new Technobutter neoprene is a major leap forward in flexibility and warmth. 

SCHEDULE  Arrive at 6pm - SemiGnar starts at 6:30pm 

Topics to Include

  • Fins Systems - Thruster, Vs Quad vs. Single
  • Templates
  • Rake and Chord
  • Inside shapes (full foil vs half foil)
  • Construction - Plastic, vs Glass vs Carbon
  • Wetsuit Technical Innovations
  • Q&A
  • Talk Story

Location - 115 Third St San Rafael 

Location 115 Third St. San Rafael