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Tuesday Morning Early Paddle
Tuesday 02 July 2019, 07:00am - 09:00pm

san francisco bay group paddle training

MEETING SPOT - San Rafael - 115 3rd St. 

This is an informal group of folks getting together to make ourselves better paddlers and just get a little work out on. Paddlers of all abilities are welcome. If you are saying to yourself "I totally suck and these guys will just blow me away". You "totally suck" because you don't paddle with us. Get your self in gear and get down here and you will no longer "totally suck" and that's a money back guarantee. In full disclosure these group paddles are free. 
You also do not need to hang with the crew. If you just want to launch early we can make that happen. We paddle off the dock promptly at 7:30am.
Both men and women, prone and SUP, 12'6 or 14 foot it doesn't matter just bring it whatever it is. If you want a board rental it is available for $30+tax flat fee and you can paddle as long as you want. Please RSVP to 650-618-6282 if you need a rental. No RSVP Needed if you have your own gear.
No charge if you have your own gear. Here's how it works.
First we all meet at the shop at 115 Third St San Rafael. .
We arrive by 7:00 am and hit the water promptly at 7:30.
As long as you keep hold of all of your personal items you can leave whenever you want.
The group will generally all stay together for the first mile doing drills and practicing skills as we paddle the canal.
As we exit the slough the paddlers pick up to their own personal pace and we generally spend 30-45 minutes in the bay paddling and working on skills.
There is no RSVP required. If the event is listed on the 101 Surf Sports Calendar the day before then its on. YOU NEED TO CHECK THE CALENDAR THE DAY BEFORE to make sure no cancellation has occurred. We try to paddle every Tuesday morning through September.
You can always call 415-524-8492 with any questions.


Location 115 3rd Street, San Rafaewl

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