Surfski Clinic With Kenny Howell
Saturday, June 17, 2023, 08:00am - 12:00pm
Contact 415-524-8492

kenny howell surfski clinic san francisco

We welcome back Kenny Howell for a series of Surfski Clinics and Classes this spring and summer. These classes are geared towards folks interested in learning to surfski for the first time and intermediate paddlers looking to improve technique and learn better boat handling skills. 

When - Saturday June 17th arrive at 9 am class starts 9:30 am. 2 hours of instruction time.

Where - 101 Surf Sports San Rafael, 115 3rd St.

Covered topics include:

kenny howell

- Forward Stroke

- Boat handling and Rudder Control

- Rough Water Techniques 

- Upwind, Downwind, and Crosswind techniques

- Remounting (getting back in if you fall out)

- Fitness and Health Training and Lifestyle

- Body position & boat setup

- Demo (test ride) multiple surfski's after the class. 

We'll also have an open session to answer any questions you may have. Kenny will tailor his instruction to meet your individual needs and get your paddling game on the rise.

 The Clinc Cost is $99 and includes a boat, wing paddle, and life jacket. After class is over you can paddle your rental boat as long as you would like with no additional charge. 

This clinic is an incredible value for the money and we look forward to seeing you on the water. Buy an Epic Surfski within one week of the clinic and we will credit the full price of the clinic to your purchase.


A wetsuit is not a bad call but not necessary - the water is quite nice down here. You will be offered the option of practicing remounts. That means learning how to get back in the boat just in case you fall out.

Do dress in quick dry clothing based on synthetic fibers. No cotton. Lycra, Spandex, Nylon, Polyester materials like in Yoga Pants, Work out gear, biking apparel, or sports jerseys.

Call us at 415-524-8492 with any questions or just press the book now button to reserve your spot. The class is limited to only 6 spots.

Epic surfskis - light fast fun.

Fast is fun and there is not much out there that is as fast and as fun as Surfski's. While at first, we thought they were for advanced paddlers only we were wrong. This is a great boat for paddlers of almost all abilities and we are putting together a top-notch clinic to get you on the water. If you like a fast, light, kayak that is fun and easy that's just what a surfski is all about.

Surfskis are fun to paddle on calm water as well as the open ocean. They are very fast, very safe (sit-on-top and self-bailing), lightweight (about 30 lbs), and incredibly maneuverable with a foot-operated rudder. In this session, we provide stable models to teach essential skills such as body posture, use of the wing paddle, and remounting the surfski in open water.


Location 115 Third St San Rafael, Ca