Surfski Clinic With Kenny Howell - San Diego
Friday 28 January 2022, 10:00am - 12:00pm


Good forward stroke technique is essential for surfski paddlers of all levels. Are you getting the most out of every stroke? Are you using your whole body to drive the boat? How can you train injury-free? We will review and refine the forward stroke with the wing paddle as it relates to fitness and racing, emphasizing efficiency and proper biomechanics to increase your speed, power, and stamina. Finesse will always take you further, with less effort than brute strength. We’ll have fun while learning, too! If it’s fun, you’ll just want to learn more.

Gear Rental Available during registration 

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Jan. 28
10AM- Noon
Limited to 5 participants
Cost: $70 per person ($130 with surfski rental, limited availability)


 Introductions: goals, concepts, overview.
 Exercises, onshore: paddle/torso rotation; stability test; hand position test (sitting & standing); tape on shaft for best positioning.
 On water drills:
 Standing in water: emphasize rotation, biomechanics; wing paddle
 straight arm paddling
 cross-deck/tap
 leg drive/pull (onshore & on water)
 tracking the top hand
 catch: top hand drill
 release: timing and position
 Paddle one side only (alternating each side after X strokes)
 Short race; staggered start
 Debrief, wrap up

Location San Diego