Outrigger Canoe - He'e Nalue

101 Surf Sports could not be happier to be welcoming the Hee Nalu Outrigger Canoe Club to its new home right here in San Rafael California at the 101 Surf Sports Shop!

Outrigger Canoes on Sf Bay

For anyone who has never seen, or ridden, in an Outrigger Canoe it's a must do for any paddler and the best way to do it is by joining a club. The He'e Nalu Club has a deep and rich history paddling the waters of San Francisco Bay and when we heard they needed a new home for the two 6 person Outrigger Canoes and a few other club boats we were stoked to extend some Ohana and welcome the to San Rafael.

The He'e Nalu Club will be practicing 9:30 AM on Saturdays at 101 Surf Sports.

He'e Nalu was founded in 1994 by charter members Philip R. Siaris, Stephanie Ashe, Hovey Lambert, Steve Murphy, Mark Murphy, Steve "cuda" Sandavol and Les Scanlan. On a day harboring northeast winds, a motley crew of courageous men paddled a canoe out of Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco. Through numerous perils, around islands, flats, and tanker ships, they were welcomed to their new home in Marin by the wake of the Larkspur ferry. Hence the name He'e Nalu O' Marin: wave riders of Marin.  The club also sponsors the annual Around The Rock Alcatraz Challenge that see's Canoe clubs from all over descending on San Francisco Bay to meet the challenge that is 'The Rock' 

Thanks and Welcome He'e Nalu!

More Information on He'e Nalu Click Here

He'e Nalu Outrigger Canoe Club