The warmest surf booties on the market are solite,

Happy feet are warm feet. Long sessions in pumping surf or even longer miles on your outrigger canoe, surfski or SUP while out riding bumps, scoring waves or just plain lilly dipping around are all cherished memories that are never forgotten. 

It can be mighty cold surfing and paddling in the San Francisco Bay area! Treat yourself to the world’s warmest and most unique surf bootie collection; Solite Boots.

Custom surf booties using hot water to mold them. Ultra light.

Heat molded boots for a custom fit.

The Solite Boots are the only heat-moldable surf booties in the world! Have you ever had a cold and leaky surf bootie? No seams on the rubber footbed of the Solite Booties. They mold to your feet after being warmed up with a tea kettle, actually the same temperature of a cup of tea or hot pour over coffee in the morning that you enjoy as you hit the road to your favorite surf break. 

The footbed is actually a patented thermoform material that is completely hydrophobic (unlike neoprene it absorbs no water, molds to your feet, and is extremely durable), and bonus, because the entire inside and outside lower half of the boot dries almost instantly they are decidedly much less funky after months of use.

If you have a little nipper or someone in the always growing category, even better. You can get two seasons out of their heat-moldable booties! That’s a huge savings. They are very durable and extremely warm! 

For the outrigger/surfski scene and most certainly stand up paddlers, check out the 2mm Custom 2.0 low top booties. No need to look any further. They are lightweight and hold little water. You will get longer usage from wear and tear on rocky beaches when navigating your water entries and exits…perfect for any vacation or adventure.

Drop by the shop and take a look at the most unique bootie in the surf industry. We’ll even pour you a cup of joe or hot tea while you await surf bootie perfection!

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