solite boots

Do you want the warmest and best fitting bootie? Tired of being cold? Heat up a tea kettle with boiling water, roll down the boot cuffs annd after you've completed the heat molding process ... the game change is in full effect!

 Solite booties are the world first and only heat moldable custom fit bootie. Once the boots have been heat molded to your foot, you will have a comfotable, custom fit that will keep less water out than most neoprene booties. The beauty of a heat moldable fit is that if you are unhappy with the initial fit, you can repeat the process!

These boots are perfect for surfers, paddle boarders, surf ski paddlers, winndsurf and foiling! If you want to have a perfect session on or in the water, treat yourself. Your feet will thank you!

This would be a fantastic Father's Day gift or a great gift for the water man or water woman in your life, and its super easy to snag a pair for your pop's. Order using the link below, or head on over to our San Rafael at 115 3rd Street. They are rumored to run about a 1/2 size bigger than your typical bootie size to accomodate the molding process and socks so you may want to try on a few sizes at the store. We just got a new shipment in, so you are guaranteed to walk out the door with the right fit. 

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