The SFBA protects and expands access for us all

Every time you step in to or on the waters of San Francisco Bay you owe a little bit of gratitude to a lot of people. The one's that fought to establish that access, and those that work hard to protect it.

And unfortunately it's an ongoing struggle that needs your ongoing help. There are efforts afoot to establish tolls, put up fences, remove parking and worse. Some of our favorite spots are in disrepair and under siege from urban sprawl. Some have decayed due to bureaucratic neglect and some have simply succumbed the forces of nature.

So how can you help? The first thing to do is just be aware a lot of change is going on. As these changes impact our sites we need to be proactive and deeply involved in advocating for access to be protected, or better, expanded where possible.

The San Francisco Boardsailing Association (SFBA) was organized to represent the interests of everyone to get access to the Bay, While the groups focus was originally driven by the Windsurfing and Kiteboarding communities (and now Wing Foilers) clearly anyone who wants to be at or near the waters edge benefits from SFBA's efforts over the years. Fisherman, Paddlers, and just anyone wanting to sit or walk by the shores of the bay have benefited from the SFBA's stewardship.

In fact just recently the SFBA was instrumental in getting a proposed toll to get on to Treasure Island stopped from going forward. The group was also instrumental in guiding a collaborative community effort that made Crissy Fields East Beach the crown jewel that it is. With that said, there are new challenges ahead including a proposed ferry at the Berkeley Marina that would essentially make it impossible to park for recreational access. Major sites like Crissy, Third Ave, Alameda, and Coyote Point are constantly being changed and the SFBA is there to ensure access for all. 

So if you have the means we sure would appreciate the support. The SFBA is out there right now protecting and expanding access for you so any help you provide helps us all. 

More Information and Donate to the SFBA here. 

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