petaluma floathouse SUP and kayak rental

It's been a decade since a bunch of Petaluma dreamers met and discussed ways to revitalize the Petaluma River and to make small boats a big part of that vision. With just a little more help from us, this dream is about to be a reality. 

If this is the first time you're hearing about the float house let me back up a bit. It started out as a list of 34 potential river-access-related projects. The portfolio of restoration and rejuvenation projects came to be known as the “Petaluma Water Ways.”. High on the list was a proposal by the Petaluma Small Craft Center (PSCC) to build out a small boathouse. The boathouse would provide small boat rentals and access to the Petaluma River and came to be known as the "Floathouse",

With 160 feet of modern docks and storage located in the heart of downtown the Floathouse will literally open up what is now an essentially inaccessible community asset - the Petaluma River,  While a variety of boats including Stand Up Paddleboards, Kayaks, and even electric boat rides will be available for rent, anyone will be able to launch their own boat. Need a pit stop on your adventure? You'll even be able even just to tie up and go grab some lunch or explore Petaluma’s historic waterfront and downtown areas. 

The Floathouse is located in the northwest corner of the Turning Basin on the Petaluma River and is just a few steps from Petaluma’s historic downtown. Located close to the SMART Train station and regional bus center there are lots of ways to get there. 

While it’s been a long haul the Foathouse is is only months from opening. That is if we can help finish the year out with some donations to complete the facility and acquire the rental gear to make it all happen. This truly is the finish line so let's push this all the way through. 

To make a general donation, please go here:

For more information on the Floathouse Small Craft Rental Center project, please go here: Check out the video below to see the vision for yourself.

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