Stand Up Paddle Board Racing In Marin County

101 Surf Sports is proud to announce the start of our 2012 SUP Race Series here in Marin County right on the San Rafael Canal. So grab your paddle and mark Saturday March 17th on your calendar to get your SUP game on.

SUP racing is one of the fastest growing sports around and for good reason. Great exercise, fantastic people, and good times on the water and there is no better place to race than right here in San Rafael.

The 101 Surf Sports race series is perfect for first time racers or anyone just wanting to get in a great workout while surrounded by some of the nicest people you will ever meet. We even have Racing Stand Up Paddleboards available for rent in both 12'6" and 14ft lengths. Please call ahead however to reserve your SUP race board as supplies are limited.

Our 2 mile short course is set up to keep first time and novice stand up paddleboard racers within the sheltered and serene waters of The Canal. The 101 team is stocked with some of the best SUP racers in the area and joining in on our racing scene is one of the best ways to take your paddling and your fitness to the next level.

In addition, seasoned Stand Up Paddle racers will find a hearty challenge in our 5.3 mile long course that sends paddlers outside the confines of The Canal and around the gorgeous Marin Islands. With some of the country's top SUP racers calling the San Francisco Bay Area home you are sure to find some stiff competition.

Schedule – Race Date Saturday March 17th 2012

Race Registration 7:30am-9am

Race Start (Short and Long Courses) 9:30am

Awards and Food starting at 11:15 am

What to bring/wear

Apparel – Board Shorts and Rash Guards are ideal. Cotton based apparel is to be avoided. Hats and Sunglasses are recommended for proper sun protection. Lifejackets are required. If you don't have a lifejacket 101 Surf Sports can happily rent you one for $5.00. Leashes are also required. Make sure to wear something green!

Food – Bring plenty of water to keep properly hydrated and any post-race nutrition you may use. An after race BBQ with Waters, Cokes, and Green Beer is included in your entrance fee.


Race Entry Fee $20 (Includes your choice of short or long course, food and beverage, and a 5% off coupon for any purchases made on the day of the race on anything in the store)

Parking for Stand Up Paddleboard racing

Divisions – Both courses will have Men's & Women's Divisions, with at least 3 boards/boats needed to qualify a division.

• Stand Up Paddling – 12'6", 14ft, Unlimited (men's, women's, youth)

• Prone - Stock 12'6" and Under, 14ft, and Unlimited (men's, women's, youth)

• Outrigger Canoes

• Surfski's

Ample free parking is available along the street and across the street at San Rafael High School. The picture at rightoutlines the parking available. Please feel free to drop of your gear and then repark. All parking is within 100ft of the shop.


Short Course (2.1 miles) – The starting Line is just off our dock and sends the paddlers out to the green Channel marker #7 for a left hand turn. A quick 180 turn and you return the finish line just in front of the shop. The channel marker is a large post in the center of the canal that has a large green square a top the piling with a number 7 on it.

SUP Racing in Marin Short Course

Long Course (5.3 miles) – The Starting line at 101 is just off the dock right behind the 101 Surf Sportrs Shop. After starting the fleet will be heading out to the Marin Islands. Paddlers can choose to round the islands in any direction. However Starboard (right hand turn) paddlers will have the right of way while Port (left hand turn) paddlers must stay clear of those choosing to round on port.

Stand Up Paddling Racing in Marin

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If you have any questions or want to reserve a raceboard please call us at 415-524-8492 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here to contact us.


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