Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga San Rafael Marin County

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga is certainly one of the newest ways to take your workout to the water and 101 Surf Sports is excited to have secured one of the San Francisco Bay Area's top Yoga Instructors to lead our SUP Yoga program.

By combining the art of balance with all of the benefits of a non impact work out like yoga you end up with a program that is good for both mind and body alike. To make sure your workout is focused on you 101 Surf Sports has the ultimate in on the water SUP Yoga set ups. Our 350 ft of on the water dock allow for us to tether both ends of the board. Tethering the board means you don't have to worry about drifting away with the wind or current as you may with other on the water yoga programs. The boards however retain all the elements of balance that make Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga one of the best ways to excercise.

SUP Yoga San Rafael

Onboard Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Classes

101 Surf Sports is lucky to be working with some of the area's best Yoga Instructors provided by Leigh Claxton's Onboard Fitness Team.  Reservations are required and space is limited.

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SUP Yoga San Rafael