Are you ready to foil? We have a friend who can help. Cort Larned is ready to get you flying. 

E-foiling is the latest waterman toy and Cort is so stoked to share the fun he is offering e-foiling lessons to get you started. . 

What is it?

From the Lift website

Lift started in a garage in Puerto Rico ten years ago with a few passionate surfers who were obsessed with creating new experiences in the water. Over the years we expanded into one of the world’s premium hydrofoil companies, building custom foils, wings, and boards for discerning customers who wanted the best out of their kits.

A few years later, inspired by advances in lithium battery technology and wireless communication, and guided by our customers’ ongoing thirst for exciting experiences, we saw an opportunity to create a new best-in-class product and water sports category. The eFoil is a mix of all the sports we’ve grown to love: surfing, flying, and deep powder snowboarding. A powerful, silent electric motor, a state-of-the-art battery, and our high-performance boards, foils, and wings combine to allow riders of all abilities to fly above any body of water. Riding the eFoil evokes a completely unique feeling, and once we had our first working prototype, we set out on a mission to bring it to the world.

Who is this for? Anyone who loves having fun in the water. “Unbelievable fun and the easiest way to learn to fly on the water” Says Cort Larned, who has had fun perfecting his flight this summer.  

Comments from recent customers 

“Best thing I did this summer!” Ty Kelly

“The most fun on water in ages” Dea Edington 

Lessons: 1 hour, $200 private $350 for 1.5 hour for two people, 2 hours $400 for three people.  

Ready to fly? These are private lessons offered by Cort.. Ready to just buy one? Cort can make that happen too just call 415-699-7979.

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