PAddle Racing on Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe just may be one of the most beautiful places to paddle on the planet. There is one sure fire way to make it better though. Paddle with friends!

And what better way to make friends than the paddle race season and Lake Tahoe has one of the best. “Well I don’t race. I am just not competitive” is a refrain often heard around the shop. Well e are here to work you out of your hang up. Paddle racing is unlike any other form of racing.

With a low pressure, highly inclusive scene its like a magnet for high quality people. With the Polynesian vibes of “Ohana” permeating the scene you will quickly find the only one you are really racing is yourself. The scene at most paddle races is about spending a day on the water with the mindset of improving oneself while motivating others to the same. And did we mention the gorgeous scenery and crystal-clear blue waters?

At most races you are sure to see some of the elite athletes, but are just as likely to see folks racing with their dogs on their inflatable paddleboards, or people sharing one board – dragon-style . Most races welcome almost any forward-facing paddle craft. Outrigger Canoes, Surfski’s, Kayaks, Stand up and Prone Paddleboards are part of one large diverse and welcoming crew. With age groups and short and long courses these races are set up to make your first time experience a good one.

Tahoe Paddle Racing Season kicks of June 1

The season kicks of with a series of races run by Jay and Anik Wild called the Tahoe Waterman Series. These races are perfect for elite athletes and first-time racers alike. The buffet at the first race may be a little dicey. Too soon?

June 1st – Donner Party Paddle Race - More Information

June 29th – Waterman’s Time Trial - More Information

July 13th Sunnyside Downwinder – (Better for intermediate/advanced paddlers) – More Information

August 24th West Shore Rally – More Information

September 14th – Lake Tahoe Crossing (Better for intermediate/advanced paddlers) – More Information

Got kids? Well make sure to get them in on the action with one of the Water Grom Clinics.

paddling camps for kids

June 25-27th – Waterman’s Paddle Camp for (Kids under 14) – More Information

July 8-11th - Water Groms Camp – (Kids 7-12) – More Information

July 30th - Aug 2nd – Junior Watermans Camp – (Kids 13-17) – More Information

Aug 5-8th - Water Groms Camp – (Kids 7-12) – More Information

Then in August is one of the longest running Paddle Parties…errr I mean Races…..on the planet - Tahoe Nalu. This two day celebration of paddling has to be on every paddlers bucket list. This year’s event spans two days in August on the 10th and 11th. We mentioned Ohana at the outset of this post and this is one heaping serving of just that.

tahoe nalu paddle race 2019

We hope this post gives you the motivation to load up the car and head to the mountains. These events will leave you feeling fit and in the company of new found friends. See you there!

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