San Rafael Paddle Race

We spent yesterday wishing away the rain only to awaken to our wishes nearly being granted. However, "Life is not waiting for the storm to pass. It's dancing in the rain." - Vivian Green (all photos by Sophi Rutherford)

And dance we did. In fact, some paddlers even rocked it out. Jasper Caddell for example tapped his way to a new course record on the short course. 17:14 Check out the video of the his finish.

Phil Tressenrider was doing the tango and throwing buoy turns like Fred Astaire. Don't believe me? Behold, At the 30 second mark if you are in a hurry. 

Wanna know how that battle finished out? Watch the thrilling finish here.

We were once again somehow blessed with a window of the best weather of the day right at our race time. If there is a theme to this years races its definitely "Windows". Clouds lightened up, rains faded away, and winds subsided. We had OC1, Surfski, SUP, and Kayaks out on the course, our usual swiss army assortment of water toys. 

To err on the side of caution we did change the long course. We sent the long course racers out to the 6 piling and then back to the shop where the pressure was on to do a turn right in front of the crazed cowbell ringing crowd. Back out to the 7 piling and then back to finish.

Pictured below Men's SUP winner John Dye. Note the name of the boat behind John. La Dolce Vita. We are living it. 

John Dye Men's SUP winner long course

This was the last race of our winter series in San Rafael. With only one more race in our Redwood City location on Sat May 16th it will be amazing to say sayonara so quickly to another season. 

We couldn't do it with out the help of our sponsors. You hear us preach "support the businesses that support our sport" and we mean. We are asking you yo eat the best pie in the world and to chase it down with the best ice cream. We are not asking a lot here. See the logos below and see them well. When you see them again make the choice that supports our sport. 

Support the business that support our sport

Paddle of the day goes to Tanja Alva. Tanja's been chipping away at her personal best time on the course but today everything clicked and she crushed her old record by just about 4 minutes! Personal besting is what our racing is all about. Here's what it looks like at the finish line when you crush a PBR.  For the record all three Alva's ended up on the podium. 

Tanja Alva setting a new personal best.

Thanks again to all who raced and we hope to see you in Redwood City March 16th. Remember these other great upcoming races. 

March 30th - Santa Cruz Paddlefest

May 4th - Great Russian River Race

May 24th - California River Quest


 Long course SUP remove one minute to get your time. Short Course remove 5 minutes to get your corrected time. 

Event Name Name(s) Racer Num Category Age Group Gender Time Rank Div Rank
Long Course Carter Johnson 25 Surfski Single 18-55 male 41:18.0 1 1
Long Course Zachary Alva 2 Surfski Single 18-55 male 43:40.9 2 2
Long Course Kenny Howell 20 Surfski Single 56+ male 44:04.2 3 1
Long Course Petri Alva 12 Surfski Single under 18 male 45:07.6 4 1
Long Course Kasen Taylor 4 Surfski Single under 18 male 46:15.9 5 2
Long Course Dylan Anacleto-black 10 Surfski Single under 18 male 46:24.0 6 3
Long Course Luke Zolenierowski 33 Surfski Single 18-55 male 52:27.7 7 3
Long Course Jeff Kay 11 OC-1 18-55 male 52:47.0 8 1
Long Course Claudia Breuer 23 SUP 12'6" 18-55 female 57:07.1 9 1
Long Course David  Liu 16 OC-1 18-55 male 59:15.3 10 2
Long Course Susan Starbird 19 Surfski Single 56+ female 00:11.5 11 1
Long Course John Dye 9 SUP 14' 56+ male 01:03.2 12 1
Long Course  Phil Tressenrider 29 SUP 14' 56+ male 01:18.22 13  
Long Course Matty Ponder 3 SUP 14' 18-55 male 01:18.4 14 1
Long Course John Walsh 21 SUP 14' 18-55 male 01:24.3 15 2
Long Course Shanna Upton 27 SUP 14' 18-55 female 04:17.3 16 1
Long Course Vincent Fallourd 22 SUP 14' 18-55 male 05:58.4 17 3
Long Course Chris Pope 13 SUP 14' 18-55 male 08:17.9 18 4
Short Course Jasper Caddell 5 Surfski Single under 18 male 22:14.7 1 1
Short Course Philip Majumdar 31 Surfski Single under 18 male 22:44.9 2 2
Short Course Kai Leon 30 Surfski Single under 18 male 26:42.9 3 3
Short Course Tanya Alva 32 Surfski Single 56+ female 32:11.2 4 1
Short Course Mel Selvidge 34 SUP 14' 18-55 female 33:35.8 5 1
Short Course Leo Montero 15 SUP Inflatable 14' 18-55 male 34:15.6 6 1
Short Course Dave Hook 8 SUP 14' 56+ male 35:04.4 7 1
Short Course Julie Stevens 17 SUP 14' 18-55 female 35:33.2 8 2
Short Course Bob Cooper 14 Kayak 56+ male 35:46.2 9 1
Short Course Tony Graef 28 SUP 14' 56+ male 39:10.7 10 2
Short Course Sunny Blende 24 SUP 12'6" 56+ female 41:46.8 11 1
Short Course Cc Moncada 7 SUP Inflatable 12'6" 56+ female 43:08.9 12 1
Short Course Steve Ebel 6 SUP 14' 18-55 male 57:23.8 13 1

Short Course 12'6 Womens winner Sunny Blende. 

Sunny Blende had fun today!


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