Racing action on the san rafael canal

It was with some trepidation that we green-lighted today’s race. While the forecasters were calling for 60mph winds a Friday review of the radar our-selves presented a little weather window. We opened it and jumped straight through feet first! (pictured start number 2 - the short course fires off the line)

racing under rainbows

And we were not alone. Over 30 racers showed up to take on the challenge and for that ‘go for it’ spirit they were rewarded. We have a reputation for rain or shine racing and we owe that to the perfect set up the San Rafael canal presents us. As long as the winds are not from the North its pretty hard to see us cancelling a race. Heck we looked at the graphic below and said yeah let's go for it. 


Rain is just water after all and last time we checked it is a water sport.

racing action at 101 Surf Sports

Once again, the diversity of the fleet was a reason to celebrate. Prone, SUP, Surfski, K1, Kayaks, and OC all took to the water to make the best of it. While we ran our normal short course we did change the long course to be two laps of the short course. This added to the excitement for the spectators as the racers had to make a buoy turn directly in front of the cow bell ringing masses.

Support the businesses that support our sport!

The racers started the day chasing down a cornucopia of Fruit courtesy The Fruit Guys with a bottomless bucket of Hint Waters. For a little protein many racers were found grinding on the energy packed, low sugar, Kind Bars. It was a wise move saving that sugar for the post-race party that featured Mamie’s Pies and Three Twins Ice Cream. Our very own Soup Nazi made a killer batch of homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and was often heard saying “Yes – Soup for You”. Yeah, he’s quite a bit nicer than the Seinfeld guy. Support the businesses that support our sport!

Free CPR Class courtesy Paddle 4 Good

After racing we were lucky to have the Paddle 4 Good team in to give their CPR class – for free. About 20 folks went through the program. It’s a pretty good day when you can have some great family fun on the water at the same time you put 20 potential new life savers out in to the community. Thanks to Max Montgomery and Andi Traynor for making this happen

Starting Line Video Short Course

Starting Line Video Long Course

Thanks to everyone who raced – we’ll see you at the next one. And remember rain or shine we are on the line.

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Complete Results(short course remove 6 minutes for accurate times)

Event Name Name(s) Category Age Gender Time Rank Div Rank
Long Course Philip Majumdar Surfski Single under 18 male 38:26.7 2 1
Long Course Kenny Howell Surfski Single 56+ male 41:01.5 3 1
Long Course Petri Alva Surfski Single under 18 male 42:05.8 4 2
Long Course Kasen Taylor Surfski Single under 18 male 43:41.5 5 3
Long Course Dylan Anacleto-black Surfski Single under 18 male 43:57.3 6 4
Long Course Jay Wild OC-1 18-55 male 46:59.7 7 1
Long Course Pete Gauvin SUP 14' 18-55 male 49:35.4 8 1
Long Course Susan Starbird Surfski Single 56+ female 52:58.7 9 1
Long Course Mischa Rizkewicz Surfski Single 56+ male 53:10.0 10 2
Long Course Fred Andersen SUP 14' 56+ male 01:27.8 11 1
Long Course Chris Pope SUP 14' 18-55 male 02:44.3 12 2
Long Course Bob Cooper Kayak 56+ male 09:49.7 13 1
Long Course Claudia Breuer SUP 12'6" 18-55 female 16:16.3 14 1
Long Course Andi Traynor SUP 12'6" 18-55 female 19:00.0 2 1
Long Course Max Montgomery SUP 12'6  18-550 Male 1:20:01 1 1
Long Course Julieta Gismondi Prone (All) 18-55 female 22:25.4 15 1
Short Course Kai Leon Kayak under 18 male 30:28.6 1 1
Short Course Geoff James Surfski Single 18-55 male 35:11.0 2 1
Short Course Tanya   Boone Alva Surfski Single 56+ female 36:19.6 3 1
Short Course Anik Wild, Jaxsen Wild OC-2 18-55 mixed 36:42.8 4 1
Short Course Dave Hook SUP 14' 56+ male 36:56.7 5 1
Short Course Mel Selividge SUP 14' 18-550 female 37:09.6 1 1
Short Course Nick Campbell SUP 12'6" under 18 male 38:33.5 6 1
Short Course Geoff Schwarten SUP 12'6" 18-55 male 38:43.2 7 1
Short Course Schan Duff SUP 12'6" 18-55 male 41:44.1 8 2
Short Course Alex Campbell SUP 12'6" under 18 male 41:52.6 9 2
Short Course Darrell Stimson Surfski Single 56+ male 42:40.0 10 1
Short Course Nathalie Chan King Choy SUP 12'6" 18-55 female 47:31.3 11 1
Short Course Mette Hansen SUP Under 12'6" 18-55 female 48:44.3 12 1
Short Course Emily Matthews SUP 14' 18-55 female 49:12.5 13 2

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