Zach and Petri Alva celebrating their new course record

We were once again blessed with a fantastic weather window that saw over 70 paddlers taking full advantage of the super high King Tides and a windless San Francisco Bay.(pictured the new course record holders The Alva Brothers)

With rain bookending our race day schedule we were needlessly nervous all week that the weather gods would not be kind. We think however that the good karma of our community, and the fact that the event was a fundraiser for the North Bay fire victims, combined to push that weather window open for us. Literally a perfect day for a paddle race.

Racers ready for the start

judy jensen

We started the day with a remembrance of our good friend Judy Jensen. Judy’s passing this past Sunday has left a hole in the heart of the paddling community. We decided we needed to redirect a bit of our energy to celebrate Judy and as such we sent the proceeds of the auction items to Rivers For Change. Rivers for Change supports our community through adventure, conservation and education projects that connect individuals and communities to rivers and promote source to sea literacy. In particular Judy was quite partial to the Source to Sea Program. Source to Sea works with communities and organizations in helping to understand how this flow of water connects us all and is a key component to a sustainable future. We were able to raise an additional $1000 in Judy’s name to help the programs grant funding. You can learn more about Rivers for Change and even make a donation by clicking here.


We used our positron (pictured above) to send some love to those that needed it most. Thanks to all the racers for lending us your energy. We believe very strongly it helped by channeling our energy towards them with the power of positive thoughts. 

With Surfski, Double Surfski, SUP, Inflatable SUP, OC1, OC2, and Prone Paddleboards on the line it was our normal celebration of diversity. Our only rule of inclusion is that the rider faces forward and that’s just for safety purposes.

philp majumdar

With a bold attitude the race director announced it was unlikely any records would be broken. All the rain of late has created a flow of water that was moving in addition to the outgoing tide making for a water-based treadmill that would be working against all the paddlers. In a word we were wrong, and the fleet knocked out numerous records. Most impressively however was the effort put in by brothers Zach and Petri Alva of River Town Racers, who now own the fastest time ever paddled around the Marin Islands course - on any craft. They didn’t just break the record they smashed it by taking over a minute off Carter Johnson’s prior record!

Philip Majumdar did likewise in the short course and now holds the title of fastest human powered anything to complete the 2 mile piling 7 course. Throwing down a blazing 17:52 knocking more than one minute off Jasper Caddell's previous record. That's a picture of Philip at the skippers meeting before racing. We chose this photo as we thought it perfectly captured the "I am about to throw down" face that comes from practice and hardwork. Eye of the tiger Philip. Well played.


Almost as impressive however was the effort put in by Michael Melville, Jen Fuller, Teresa Rogerson, and Devina Horstman (pictured above). All four of them paddled together on the Red Paddle Co inflatable Dragon four-person paddleboard. This crew simply threw the hammer down. They were the second to finish overall in the SUP division completing the course in under one hour. In fact, they were within one minute of overall winner Bojan Bernard’s time. Inspiring to say the least and serving notice that inflatable paddleboards are fast!

We ran the race with out all the trimmings of our normal affair. The event was focused on maximizing our fundraising punch and in addition to the money raised for Rivers for Change we put over $2500 in to the kitty to help our North Bay friends who are still suffering the effects of the Chico fires. Thanks to everyone who raced and to all who bid in the auction. We are stoked to be part of such a vibrant giving community.

A special thanks to Kind Bars, Hint Water, and the Fruit Guys. Their support all season long has been spectacular and with our normal spread of food not out it was very well received.(pictured below the womens 12'6 long course with Sunny Blende, Madeleine King, and Nancy Bell with our new first prize oven mitts)


Also a big hug to Solstice Water Sports, SIC Maui, and Starboard SUP. We are proud to work with such community focused brands.

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Complete Photo Gallery

Complete Results (Time Adjust, Long course SUP -1 min, Short Course Boats -6 min, Short Course SUP -7 min)

Event Name Name(s) Category Age Time Rank Division
Long Course Zachary Alva, Petri Alva Surfski Double 18-55 41:04.5 1 1
Long Course Jasper Caddell Surfski Single under 18 46:39.7 2 1
Long Course David Horkan Surfski Single 18-55 46:45.1 3 1
Long Course Amy Byers, Elaine Baden Surfski Double 18-55 47:56.6 4 1
Long Course John Dye Surfski Single 56+ 48:08.0 5 1
Long Course Dylan Anacleto-black Surfski Single under 18 49:35.6 6 2
Long Course Jay Wild OC-1 18-55 51:17.6 7 1
Long Course Rune Hoyer Nielsen, John Walsh OC-2 18-55 52:11.8 8 1
Long Course Kasen Taylor Surfski Single under 18 53:07.2 9 3
Long Course Shanna Upton, Shannon Hartnett OC-2 18-55 53:11.9 10 1
Long Course Jeff Kay OC-1 18-55 55:35.4 11 2
Long Course Mike Staninec Surfski Single 56+ 57:20.9 12 2
Long Course Max La Riviere-hedrick OC-1 18-55 57:25.9 13 3
Long Course Bojan Bernard SUP 14' 18-55 58:30.2 14 1
Long Course Jane Toro, Andy Toro OC-2 56+ 58:35.5 15 1
Long Course Horstman, Melville, Rogerson,Fuller SUP 14' 18-55 59:52.9 23 1
Long Course Fred Anderson OC-1 56+ 59:59.5 16 1
Long Course Heather Pullan, Naomi Pacheco OC-2 18-55 01:17.3 17 2
Long Course Nicole Sholly OC-1 18-55 02:10.7 18 1
Long Course Jamie Willin SUP 14' 56+ 02:24.9 19 1
Long Course Geoffrey Sears Surfski Single 56+ 03:07.2 20 3
Long Course Cary Fergus OC-1 56+ 03:26.9 21 2
Long Course Steve Gies OC-1 18-55 04:15.0 22 4
Long Course Dave Beste Surfski Single 18-55 04:51.1 23 2
Long Course Jeff Broffman SUP 14' 56+ 05:08.5 24 2
Long Course Krista Fechner Kayak 18-55 05:18.1 25 1
Long Course Brian Peterson Prone (All) 18-55 05:32.6 26 1
Long Course Leo Montero SUP 14' 18-55 08:05.6 27 2
Long Course Vincent Fallourd SUP 14' 18-55 08:54.0 28 3
Long Course Chris Pope SUP 14' 18-55 10:08.4 29 4
Long Course Rod De La Rosa SUP 14' 18-55 11:28.0 30 5
Long Course Jaime Serrano SUP 14' 18-55 11:44.3 31 6
Long Course Garret Griffin  SUP 14' 18-55 13:16.4 32 7
Long Course Bryce Adams SUP 14' 18-55 13:25.6 33 8
Long Course Scott Laberge SUP 12'6" 56+ 16:38.3 34 1
Long Course Alex Groswird SUP 14' 56+ 16:39.1 35 3
Long Course Madeleine King SUP 12'6" 56+ 18:12.3 36 1
Long Course Chris Heisterkamp SUP 14' 18-55 18:53.0 37 9
Long Course Julian Plath SUP 14' 18-55 24:17.7 38 10
Long Course Sunny Blende SUP 12'6" 56+ 28:55.3 39 2
Long Course Nancy Bell SUP 12'6" 56+ 40:39.3 40 3
Short Course Philip  Majumdar Surfski Single under 18 23:52.9 1 1
Short Course Kai Leon Kayak under 18 27:48.9 2 1
Short Course Anik Wild, Jaxsen Wild OC-2 under 18 31:30.6 3 1
Short Course Leah Ahmed Surfski Single under 18 32:19.4 4 1
Short Course Cath Caddell Surfski Single 18-55 32:26.1 5 1
Short Course Dave Hook SUP 14' 56+ 34:40.7 6 1
Short Course Mel Selvidge SUP 14' 18-55 35:40.2 7 1
Short Course Geoff Schwarten SUP 12'6" 18-55 36:25.8 8 1
Short Course Bob Cooper Kayak 56+ 36:55.9 9 1
Short Course Vincent Huang SUP 12'6" 56+ 37:16.0 10 1
Short Course Tom Sher SUP 14' 56+ 37:45.5 11 2
Short Course Christopher Swanson SUP 12'6" 18-55 39:00.8 12 2
Short Course Tony Graef SUP 14' 56+ 39:09.6 13 3
Short Course Adrianna Baca SUP 14' 18-55 39:19.7 14 2
Short Course Adam Saint-Prix SUP 14' 18-55 39:21.9 15 1
Short Course Cathy Huang SUP 12'6" 56+ 39:35.9 16 1
Short Course Bruce Ahlbom SUP Inflatable 12'6" 56+ 40:28.5 17 1
Short Course Beatriz Quinones SUP Under 12'6" 18-55 42:25.3 18 1
Short Course Mette Hansen SUP 14' 18-55 46:24.2 19 3
Short Course Heather Brown SUP Under 12'6" 18-55 46:55.5 20 2
Short Course sylvaine guille SUP Inflatable 12'6" 18-55 46:57.0 21 1
Short Course Monica Thompson SUP 12'6 18-55 47:31.5 22 2

Pictured below the Alva Brothers with their spoils!


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