101 Surf Sports Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking on San Francisco Bay

LLS Paddle race competitors

Good friends, good times, and a good cause is the best way to sum up this years Leukemia Lymphoma Society Charity Paddle Race. With over $49000 dollars raised we are proud that our community is doing its part in the fight against cancer. 

We can't do it alone however and we are proud to be partners with such incredible brands. First up on the major donation side of the house we have to say thanks to Starboard, Solstice Paddleboards, SIC Maui, and O'Neill Wetsuits. These companies not only make some of the finest products in the world they are run by some of the nicest people you will meet. People that know a strong and vibrant community is the flywheel for everyones success. Another nod of gratitude goes to the Each Foundation who gave and gave big. (pictured below Shanna Upton coming in for the win)

LLS Paddle race

We tried something new this year and asked some ouf our partners to set up a small village in the parking lot. All the sales in the lot also went to charity so special thanks to Carve Designs, Lagunitas, Simi Wine, Ehlers Wines, Jordan Winery, Olema Wines, Trinchero Wines, and Cakebread Cellars All of which donated their time and their product to help us fight cancer. Quickblade paddles stepped up as they always do and donated at V-drive Paddle! Aerotech kicked in a board bag to sweeten the pot. Chinook, Dakine, and Ezzy Sails are windsurfing companies with heart.Ode was in the house making everyones skin soft. Thanks All. 

lls paddle race

Our local neighbors at Pelo Fitness - Thanks Alan - were there hosting Pedaling fundraiser that saw a few of our paddlers finish up their race and then head on down to Pelo to do some miles on the bike. We know they will sleep well tonight. We were treated to a nice set of acoustic music courtesy of Matt Bolton who rocked after the award rapped. The San Rafael Police Department was on the water with officer Mark Heedon leading the charge. Melanie Victor Smith added class and style by loaning us the Artstream. An Airstream converted to an art show - stylin'.

And like every race we like to make sure our crew is well fed. This year we kicked it up a notch. To be honest it was two notches and the kicking was the work of Tom Sixsmith and Jen Contreras who catered the whole event. They donated all the food, and all their time (thanks Jame Houghton for sparing Jen For us) preparing and serving it. We can not say thank you enough but we can tell our racers not to expect food that good every time. If you want that kind of quality at home try Del Monte Meat Co. 


The day started with a cornucopia of Fruit courtesy the Fruit Guys. Hint Water and Kind Bar were part of the action as they always are.Lagunitas was here pouring some of the finest brew around.  Margaritas anyone? Special thanks to Tres Agaves who made that happen. Speaking of making things happen we have to say many thanks to the whole team at Marin Magazine with an extra special 'atta girl' for Mimi Towle. Mimi makes stuff, good stuff, happen in Marin.  

We must finally thanks to all our volunteers. While we thank them all a yeomans job was put in by Patrick Alteri of Starboard SUP and Bruce Albhom. There was tons of heavy lifting to do and I am sure these two have some sore backs based on how much they lifted. 

Now on to the racing action. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and nary a zephyr on the water. With well over 100 racers on SUP, Prone, Kayak, and Outrigger it was an affair that supported diversity. We had some notable performances and even some new records. Team Selvidge set the new benchmark for SUP Squatch racing throwing down an impressive time that may stand for years to come. That was a veiled challenge to you all. (photo of the short course start by Ellen Hoke)

The short course fires off the starting line

Over on the long course we had some listening challenges that saw some of the top competitors take the wrong course. This opened the door for those who followed their convictions, and what they heard in the skippers meetings, to a postion atop the podium. Leo Montero took top honors for the men while Shanna Upton did likewise for ladies. Geoff James was the class of the field in the outrigger canoes and was first to finish overall. 

Moise Bitton Williams

Paddle of the day goes to Moise Bitton Williams.(pictured at right) Our youngest competitor to ever finish the 6 mile long course. Doing so in under 1:40 

A parting thanks has to go the team at the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Jen Daly, Molly, and Giana were part of the 101 team and worked hard in the weeks and months before the event to make it all happen. 

If you missed the event and still want to help you can! Click here to donate to Cort's Charity Page. All proceeds will go to LLS!

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Full Photo Gallery - Thanks to Ron Steinau and Sophi Rutherford tof their work behind the lens. 

Drone Video - Courtesy Pat Alteri. Thanks Pat! (on faceboook but you don't need to be on facebook to see it)

Ellen Hoke Photo Gallery - Amazing Shots here!

FULL RESULTS (Sup long course remove 1 minute to get correct time. Short Course remove 11 minutes.) 

Team Fundraisers;

1st Place - Shark Bait $3270

2nd Place - LOB $960

Individual Fundraisers:

1st - Cort Larned $10,135

2nd - Serge De Grandpre $3005

3rd - Roger Arnemann $2795

4th - Erik Sydow $2020

5th  - Caroline O'Driscoll $1025

Course Name(s) Category Age Group Gender Time Rank Div Rank
Long Course Geoff James OC-1 Sr. Masters 55+ male 0:54:22 1 1
Long Course Fred Andersen OC-1 Sr. Masters 55+ male 0:55:20 2 2
Long Course Erik Sydow OC-1 Sr. Masters 55+ male 0:56:01 3 3
Long Course Bojan Bernard SUP 14' 18-54 male 0:57:00 DSQ DSQ
Long Course Pete Gauvin SUP 14' 18-54 male 0:57:01 DSQ DSQ
Long Course Dave Hook OC-1 Sr. Masters 55+ male 0:58:29 6 4
Long Course Chad Raugewitz SUP 14' 18-54 male 0:58:32 DSQ DSQ
Long Course Justin Paulson SUP 14' 18-54 male 1:01:38 DSQ DSQ
Long Course Phil Tresenrider SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 1:01:46 DSQ DSQ
Long Course Shawn Callahan SUP 14' 18-54 male 1:01:55 DSQ DSQ
Long Course Jamie Willin SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 1:02:08 DSQ DSQ
Long Course Ricardo  Urbina SUP 14' 18-54 male 1:03:18 DSQ DSQ
Long Course Shanna Upton SUP 14' 18-54 female 1:03:53 8 1
Long Course Tasele Scanlan SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 1:05:01 9 1
Long Course Cary Fergus OC-1 Sr. Masters 55+ male 1:05:19 10 5
Long Course Jen Fuller SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ female 1:05:37 11 1
Long Course Leo Montero SUP 14' 18-54 male 1:06:56 12 1
Long Course Jeff Broffman SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 1:10:24 13 2
Long Course Lori Drourr SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 1:10:37 14 3
Long Course Janet Walp SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ female 1:11:40 15 2
Long Course Jaime Serrano SUP 14' 18-54 male 1:12:18 16 2
Long Course Brian Thomas Prone (All) 18-54 male 1:12:18 17 1
Long Course Rod De La Rosa SUP 14' 18-54 male 1:12:18 18 3
Long Course Madeleine King SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ female 1:13:33 19 3
Long Course Sigurd Berven SUP 14' 18-54 male 1:13:47 20 4
Long Course Kim Charlesworth SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 1:15:34 21 4
Long Course Van Halbach SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 1:16:27 22 5
Long Course Tom  Gallagher  SUP 14' 18-54 male 1:16:35 24 6
Long Course Jeff Kay Prone (All) 18-54 male 1:16:54 25 2
Long Course CJ  Hummel SUP 12'6" 18-54 male 1:17:47 26 1
Long Course Vincent Huang SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 1:18:08 27 6
Long Course Roger Arnemann SUP 12'6" 18-54 male 1:19:16 28 2
Long Course Ryan Cleary SUP 14' 18-54 male 1:19:52 29 8
Long Course Brenna Raugewitz SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 1:21:00 30 5
Long Course Shirley Heinemann SUP 14' 18-54 female 1:21:57 31 2
Long Course Claudia Breuer SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 1:22:00 32 6
Long Course Brian Williams SUP 14' 18-54 male 1:36:20 33 9
Long Course Moise Bitton-Williams SUP 12'6" U18 male 1:39:39 34 1
Short Course Laurence Bekins SUP 14' 18-54 male 0:40:17 1 1
Short Course Miles Daly SUP 14' 18-54 male 0:42:17 2 2
Short Course Aleta Blakely SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 0:42:32 3 1
Short Course Phil Barow (reg'd long) SUP 14' 18-54 male 0:42:46 4 3
Short Course Amber Snow SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 0:43:31 5 2
Short Course Cathy Huang SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ female 0:43:37 6 1
Short Course Carl Krawit SUP 14' 18-54 male 0:44:07 7 4
Short Course Eliece Horton (reg'd long) SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 0:44:21 8 1
Short Course Andrew Purchase SUP (All) 18-54 male 0:44:43 9 1
Short Course Jack Schmitz SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 0:44:45 10 2
Short Course Gregory Crane SUP (All) 18-54 male 0:45:04 12 2
Short Course dennis deisinger SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 0:45:37 13 3
Short Course Tony Graef SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ male 0:46:06 14 1
Short Course James McCulloch SUP (All) u-18 male 0:47:37 15 1
Short Course Jack Bulger SUP (All) u-18 male 0:47:45 16 2
Short Course Sarah Davis, Brett Davis Kayak Sit on Top (2) 18-54 female 0:47:52 17 1
Short Course Genevieve Allen SUP (All) 18-54 female 0:48:04 18 1
Short Course Cc Moncada SUP (All) Sr. Masters 55+ female 0:48:35 19 1
Short Course Jared Caldwell SUP (All) 18-54 male 0:48:52 20 3
Short Course Zachary Thoma SUP (All) u-18 male 0:49:02 21 3
Short Course Arline Thomas SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ female 0:49:10 22 2
Short Course Nick Battelle SUP (All) u-18 male 0:49:17 23 4
Short Course Teri Gabrielsen SUP (All) Sr. Masters 55+ female 0:49:27 25 2
Short Course Taylor Robinson SUP (All) 18-54 female 0:49:37 26 2
Short Course Olivia Harting SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 0:50:18 27 3
Short Course Collene Nelson Kayak 18-54 female 0:51:06 28 1
Short Course West Thompson SUP (All) u-18 male 0:52:24 29 5
Short Course chris kostanecki SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ male 0:52:30 30 2
Short Course Team Lob Daniel Lian SUP 18+55 male 0:53:04 31 1
Short Course Jonathan Kahn SUP (All) Sr. Masters 55+ male 0:53:17 32 1
Short Course siobhan collopy Kayak 18-54 female 0:53:43 33 2
Short Course Connor Leech SUP (All) 18-54 male 0:54:05 34 4
Short Course Claudia Cowan SUP (All) 18-54 female 0:55:25 35 3
Short Course Team Lob Raphael  Lee SUP 18+55 male 0:55:55 36 2
Short Course Marsha Ives SUP (All) Sr. Masters 55+ female 0:56:23 37 3
Short Course Team Accel David Waltcher SUP 18+55 male 0:57:21 38 3
Short Course Rachel Hardisty SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 0:57:48 39 4
Short Course Team Accel Jack  Larson SUP 18+55 male 0:58:14 40 4
Short Course Jennifer Fleming SUP (All) 18-54 female 0:59:06 41 4
Short Course Craig Dalton Kayak 18-54 male 0:59:16 42 1
Short Course Jane Corrigan SUP (All) 18-54 female 1:00:51 43 5
Short Course Victoria Williamson SUP (All) 18-54 female 1:01:14 44 6
Short Course Caroline O'driscoll SUP (All) 18-54 femals 1:05:16 45 7
Short Course Ashley Richardson SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 1:06:35 46 5
Short Course Mary Colvig SUP (All) 18-54 female 1:06:37 47 7
Short Course Team Accel Steph Terpening SUP 18+55 female 1:07:17 48 8
Short Course Team Lob Dominic Joseph SUP 18+55 male 1:08:12 49 7
Short Course Team LOB Tony Wu SUP 18+55 male 1:08:18 45 8
Short Course Team Lob Michelle Lie SUP 18+55 female 1:08:37 51 9
SUP Squatch Team Selvidge       0:44:54 11 1
SUP Squatch Team Kahn-Kirby           2
SUP Squatch Team Kostanecki           3
SUP Squatch Team Marin Magazine           4







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