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 Inflatable Stand Up paddleboards for more than one person!

We are so impressed with this years Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards we have just got to share them with you. To make that happen we are rolling out 4 full weekends of free test rides on any and all of the Inflatables we have in stock. 

We carry by far the largest selection of Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards on the West Coast. With Starboard, SIC Maui, Naish, Red Paddle Co, Infinity, Jimmy Lewis, and Solstice brands in the building. We have a huge selection of 3 piece paddles and all the accessories to get your SUP game on the road or on the airplane. They boards in all the shapes and sizes including the family boards (pictured above) that will hold up to 8 people at the same time! 

This event is not for first time paddlers.  The idea of the event is to test inflatable paddleboards bassed on your previous experiences. 

So the dates for our free test days are

Saturday & Sunday August 11-12th 9am-3pm - More Information

Saturday & Sunday August 28-29th  9am-3pm - More Information

Saturday & Sunday September 8-9th 9am-3pm - More Information

Saturday & Sunday September 15-16th 9am-3pm - More Information

 naish inflatable sup

These are no pool toys but rather boards that are performing so well the lines are starting to blur between Inflatable's and Hard boards.  We even have quite a few used models as well as close outs on prior years boards so if you are looking to save money their has never been a better time to come check them out. Check out the video below as the Inflatable Board is going faster than a nearly $4000 full carbon race board!

We'll explain all the differences between our $499 entry level models all the way up the the top of the line $1000+ Red Paddle Co and Starboard models. There is a big difference in weight as well as in the quality of the accessories. For example some of the $1000 models come with bags that are as nice as any luggage you own, while other boards come with simple sacks that don't even have back pack straps.Below is the Red Paddle Co Board Bag - one of the best in the industry. 

inflatable sup bag

Some boards only go to 14lbs of pressure while other go to 20lbs or higher resulting in a better stiffness profile. Better stiffness is better performance. Some boards weigh as much as 35lbs while others are as low as 20lbs. Lighter weight is better performance and better portability. Some models also make great windsurfers like pictured below.

Inflatable Stand Up paddleboards for more than one person!

A couple of things about the boards you see on the internet. They are heavy. They do no go to higher pressures, and in general have poor quality accessories. They even try to sell ones with 3 fin set ups! Never, well almost never, buy a 3-fin inflatable - come in to the shop and ask why. More importantly anytime they offer you a free paddle with the board it is usually a piece of junk and if you learn only one thing from reading this blog post remember this. The paddle is more important than the board. That aluminum shaft plastic bladed monstrosity is costing you $100 and it's not worth $20. You can get a great lightweight 3-piece fiberglass or carbon paddle starting at $149. We'd highly recommend a carbon paddle if you can swing it. They start at about $200 and go up from there.

Inflatable construction

Inflatable Paddleboards are more durable and lighter weight than their hardboard counter parts. Packing in to an Alpine Lake or taking your board with you on the Airplane has never been easier. The boards check just like luggage and are near impossible for the baggage guy to damage. The newer designs are stiffer and lighter but cost the same as last years models. The technology used to make them is called drop stitch. It was developed by the military in the 50's as a way to make a portable bridge over water that they could drive a tank over. Now that is durable! Pictured below is one of our favorite models the Jimmy Lewis Stiletto Air 12'6. Note the pointed nose design that we favor over the full round nose boards.


So whats the downside? Pumping them up that's what. We call it the workout before the workout. It takes about 10 minutes but with some extra tips and tricks we can show you how to work around the problem. With an extra gadget or two we can make the experience an easy one. We also have some electric options that will do the work for you. Do not by a cheap electrical pump. It will only burn out and die. Good electrical solutions start at $169. Ask us about our "shop vac" solution at the shop. 


So on more time on the dates for our free test days are

Saturday & Sunday August 11-12th 9am-3pm - More Information

Saturday & Sunday August 28-29th  9am-3pm - More Information

Saturday & Sunday September 8-9th 9am-3pm - More Information

Saturday & Sunday September 15-16th 9am-3pm - More Information

Here's how it works. You show up and we have everything pumped up and ready to ride. You can try out the various boards for 5 to 10 minutes each. You can then switch between the various boards and see what the differences are. These are not rentals but rather test rides designed to let you see just how well the product works and to appreciate the different designs. Pictured below - dogs love inflatable paddleboards!

Dogs love inflatable paddleboards

Anyone who purchases a board on this day will receive 10% off all accessories and a rain check coupon for any of our Saturday or Sunday 9:30 am lessons. We also give you complete instruction on how use and maintain your gear. Learn from our mistakes! Here is a sample of how to care for and use your inflatable stand up paddleboard. Just click and read our Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Owners Manual

No RSVP needed just come on down. 

We know you will be as impressed as we are in this new crop of performance boards. But don't take our word for it come on down and test them for yourself. 

You can also browse our on-line store where most inflatable stand up paddleboards ship for free! See our Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Inventory Here. 

In addition we just announced that all our races will feature inflatable specific divisions! More Info on that here.

Note, you should always use a leash with any paddleboard but it's even more important on an inflatable. Their light weight means they can blow away fast if the board gets away from you. Since life jackets aree legally required on all SUP we know you will have one of those as well.Pictured below is all the stuff that usually comes with an inflatable paddleboard. 

starboard inflatable kit

We hope to see you at the shop to test them out. Feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or call us at 415-524-8492 with any questions. 

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