Inflatable Starboard Deluxe Stand Up Paddle boards

We are stoked on inflatable stand up paddleboards and to back up that stoke we are introducing new inflatable divisions to all our races.

With the boards getting better and better each year we thought that we were late to the party in doing this but better late than never. The new class of boards are truly impressive. When you pair the new stiffer lighter designs with the durable & portable characteristics you end up with one great product. The prices for these boards is roughly half what you would pay for a modern race board and are getting to be almost as fast.

We have been testing boards from Starboard, Red and SIC Maui and no pun intended we are blown away. In particular the new Starboard All Star Airline has us thinking that hardboard riders better be watching their backs with this new board really moving. In fact, Connor Baxter recently won a race outright over in Europe. While yes, its Connor Baxter, the point is parity may be just around the corner.Check out two Starboard Team riders testing hard boards vs. inflatables in a head to head test. 

The best part about all the racing programs is that they are helping develop an even better product for folks just looking to get out on the water on a nice touring board. Lighter and stiffer designs help everyone have a better day on the water. We are however, preferential to the more pointed nose boards. We have found that while you can surf the smaller ones, the inflatable product just is not all that great in the surf. The opposite is true on the flat water side of paddling where these boards are 95% as good as a hard board. 

Our races are perfect for first time paddlers and elite athletes. We have a two mile short course in a protected water way that is recommended for first time racers. We also have a six mile long course for experienced racers. More imporantly we have a super fun after race scene with lunch included in your race entry fee. Come pump up and race with us you'll have a great day!

You can see our selection of Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards Here

Inftlatable Starboard Stand Up Paddle Boards

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