Stand Up Paddleboard Surfing

Stand Up Paddleboarding in the surf is tons of fun, but we know it can be a bit daunting as well. To try to help you enjoy what just may be the most fun one can have on a board we are introducing some Group SUP Surf Days.

These events are free. Rental gear can be provided, delivered to the beach and returned, for $100+tax for a 3-hour session if you do not have your own board. This event is not for first time or beginner flat water paddlers. You should either be an intermediate flat-water paddler or have been in the surf a few times before. We usually start at 8am and wrap up at 11am. The first two dates are Friday June 8th and Friday June 29th. We don't do weekends as they can be a bit crowded and out of respect for the line up. 

While the event is free it is also not a lesson. We will have one of our experienced surfers on the water with you to help you understand where to go and you will most assuredly get some pointers as well but we stress this is not a lesson. We’ll be SUP Surfing too.

SUP Surfing with friends

Here’s how it works. First check our Web Calendar the day before the scheduled day. We will list the place we are going and the time we are meeting. Most times we meet at 8am and the three beaches we frequent most are Bolinas, Dillon, and Ocean Beach. We pick days and places that are good for SUP surfing on that day so its important you check the calendar. No RSVP is needed however you must be on time if you want to get in the water with the group. We leave promptly at our stated time. That means you need to be suited up and ready to go at that time. If you are late, no worries, just paddle on out and look for us on the water.

While SUP surfing is fun there is a lot knowledge needed before paddling out in to the waves. If you want to do this right there are two paths to doing so.

First up is our SUP Surf class taught at our San Rafael store. This 2-hour class is $75 and includes one hour on land classroom style learning and one hour on the water training. If you can’t walk to the tail of your board and spin it around on flat-water then it’s likely you won’t be able to do it in the waves. We’ll teach you how to catch waves, how to paddle out, how to turn, how to be respectful in the line up, and much more. This class is a must do for anyone who wants to get SUP Surfing quickly and safely.

Option number two is a private lesson. Private lessons are scheduled based on our mutual availability. Weekdays are usually no problem where weekends can be done but require a bit more lead time. The cost for private SUP Surfing lessons are $100 and hour and include the board. $75 and hour if you bring your own board.

Everything revolves around the web calendar so make sure to check it often but most importantly the night before so you do not miss any changes.
We look forward to seeing you on the water and if you have any questions please call us at 415-524-8492 or reach out by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also call Cort Larned directly at 415-699-7979 if you want to talk to the group leader.

Stand Up Paddleboard Surfing


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