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 101 Surf Sports is the nations largest SIC maui dealer!

We are stoked to get you downwinding. Why? Because it just may be one of the funnest ways to paddle. The challenging part is always all the logistical details of a one way journey.

Well that's where we can help out with some support to get you on the water with the wind at your back.

First up is the Barbary Ghost downwind paddleboard tour boat and their new Safari Downwind Club. This innovative new club has two membership levels and can even provide the board rentals on their top of the line fleet of SIC Maui Downwind boards. More information here.

The Barbary Ghost can also be hired for private downwind tours with just you and a few friends. More Information Here

Downwind paddleboard tours on San Francisco bay

Mikes Paddleboards Alameda

If running the East Bay shoreline is your thing than you will be thrilled with Mike's Paddle new downwind shuttle.  For only $20 per person you can run from Mike's Alameda location to the Tidewater Boating center 6 miles Downhill. Shuttles are limited to 10 riders each Saturday so get your spot now. More information

Laslty you just may want to know when the wind will blow. Well we highly encourage you to sign up for Barbary Ghost's downwind alert service. While they won't call out every day they will call it out when things (tide, wind, and weather) all line up. Sign Up For Downwind Alert - Click Here.

So you aren't messing around and you are ready to ride? Well you will never find a better time to buy a downwind paddleboard than right now. 101 Surf Sports is currently offering some special discounts on some great new boards from SIC Maui. We were able to buy a large selection of SIC Bullets from a prior year and we are passing on the savings to you! Check out the downwind section of our online store or just head on in to our San Rafael location to take a look at the boards in person. You can even try them before you buy them as part of our demo program. Browse Our Downwind Paddleboards Online

Downwinding is taking the sport of stand up paddling up a notch in terms of safety so please pay extra attention to your gear, and make sure you file a float plan any time you paddle. Always wear a leash, and a life jacket, and please consider carrying a VHF Radio. Also make sure your name and phone number is written on all your gear.

SIC Maui boards at 101 Surf Sports


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