101 Surf Sports Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking on San Francisco Bay

 Paddle Racing In San Rafael

After enduring one long wet winter the fleet was rewarded with a glorious day of sunshine and near windless glassy conditions as we wrapped up a great season of winter paddle racing on San Francisco Bay. (photos by Ron Steinau)

The best part about wrapping up our winter season is that means summer is just around the corner!

Before we jump in to the report on the day we have to lead with some ginormous thank you’s. We welcomed to the team this year 101 North Brewing and we did so with open arms. Their Heroine IPA became a shop favorite. More gratitude has to go to Hint Water. Hint has supported not only our series but paddle races across the land. With no sugar and tasty flavors do the right thing for your body and karma alike – Drink Hint. Kind Bar has been another steadfast supporter all along. The Fruit Guys stepped up big once again giving the fleet a nice way to start and end their race day. Life is a balancing act and when its treat time make it a Mamie’s Pie and Three Twins Ice Cream combo. These two local companies have shown that being part of our community is part of their ethos. We have said it before but we’ll say it again – Support The Businesses That Support Our Sport – That’s how this works.

The day started with a message of love and one of gratitude. The fleet gathered together to put out some energy for our close friend and racer Tim Stylianapoupalopolus (aka Tim Stiles). We did it in our own special way and we know he felt the love. We then spread a message of thanks harkening back to our last fundraiser to let you know that 101 Surf Sports Owner, Cort Larned, has once again fought his Cancer to a draw. In the land of Cancer that is all it takes to feel like we are winning. Thanks to the incredible staff at UCSF and in particular Dr. Babis Andreadis, and to all the paddlers who donated or bid at either of our 2 charity races. Your efforts are making a difference.

SUPsquatch or Supzilla whatever you call it its fun on water

We’ve recently brought in the Epic Surfski’s and it may have started a new thing, In fact we are stoked to see so many boats lining up to start as we had our largest fleet of double surfski’s and boy was it fun to watch them battle it out. Joining the herd of Surfski’s was a a gaggle of Stand Up Paddleboards, Kayaks, Prone Paddleboards, and Outrigger Canoes. Diversity is celebrated here.

Jasper Cadell - Course Record.

The action on the short course was record setting! The first person to ever break the 20-minute mark was River Town Paddler Jasper Caddell (pictured above) who crushed it with a 19:25. Not to be outdone Chloe Madden (pictured below) did likewise setting the ladies mark at 22:01. What makes these records even more impressive however is that they are both in the Junior’s Division (under 18). The most impressive record setter though was Master’s division paddler Vincent Huang (pictured higher up on the report) who set a record that may never be broken paddling the Starboard Starship (aka SUPsquatch) to an impressive 49:04. Paddle of the day goes to young Alexander Alvarez who had the crowd on their feet cheering his 46:41 time with gusto. Nice job Alex!


The long course was a test of wills with the 101 race team setting up some pre-race psychological warfare. With a large fleet of Double Surfski’s we elected to give them their own start setting up the single Surfski’s to be starting 60 seconds behind. This meant Carter Johnson (pictured below) had to play pursuit. And pursue he did, also obliterating the course record with the first ever sub 43-minute time on our long course. 42:17 to be specific.

Carter Johnson

Over the course of the season we have many thank you’s but a special shout out to all our volunteers. It takes a village and we are proud to have you as part of the tribe. Thanks to Ron Steinau for all the work behind the lens over the season – it’s appreciated.

One more ‘attaboy/girl’ has to go to our staff. Event management is a bit like organized chaos. What appears smooth on the front is usually due to the pain being absorbed behind the scenes, and after a full season of winter paddle racing our team has earned a big hug. Thanks Team.

Thanks to Paul Tomita for the drone video - awesome stuff. First racer over the line is David Hook.

Flyover of Race 3-11-17 from waterhound.com on Vimeo.

Do come and check out our race at the Pacific Power and Sail Boat show on Saturday April 8th. While we won’t have the big lunch spread, we have lowered the entry fee to $25 and your entrance fee gets you in to the boat show as well.

We are stoked to announce a few updates to our activity calendar. We will be rolling out fun after work with the San Rafael Sprint Paddle Race Series that kicks into gear in May. We will even have a fun SUPsquatch 4 man sprint team race, some one-design racing on our 17’6 Unlimited Starboard SUP, and prizes for record times

We will also be introducing our first ever summer racing calendar and a new format. The racing will have a lower entry fee and be focused on a quick hit of fun racing. More Information soon.

And don’t forget the Spring Swap Meet Saturday April 1st right here at San Rafael. If you can’t make that we have another Swap Meet in Redwood City on May 13th.

Learn all about Paddles at our April 6th Free Semignar. We’ll tackle board design on May 4th.

Hydration Challenged? Join us for a free seminar April 5th hosted by Tim Fleming.

In closing out our season we have one last, but not least, thank you to all who raced. Over our 10 races this season we had a lot of fun. We are particularly lucky and proud to have raced rain or shine without cancelling a single race. We raised 13k for two charities and broke new ground in getting our Redwood City set up off and racing. A good season of fun shared with great people.

Speaking of Redwood City we will be officially opening April 15th for the season. We will be making a formal announcement soon but if you are looking for new waters to ply come on down and see us.

Thanks again for all you are doing to make our paddling community such a vibrant and inclusive one. Paddle On.


Support The Business That Support Our Sport

Complete Results with timing offsets below.

Long Course Double Surfski and OC - As is

Long Course Boats - Minus 1 minutes

Long Course SUP - Minus 2 Minutes

Shourt Course - Minus 6 miinutes

Event Name Name(s) Boat# Craft Age Group Gender Time Rank Div Rank
Long Course Carter Johnson 14 Surfski Single 18-54 male 00:43:17.02 1 1
Long Course Frank Peronetto, Amy Byers 8 Surfski Double 18-54 mixed 00:43:35.45 2 1
Long Course Kristen Podolak, John Dye 20 Surfski Double 18-54 mixed 00:43:36.51 3 2
Long Course Elaine Baden, John Easterbrook 5 Surfski Double 18-54 mixed 00:43:52.77 4 3
Long Course Fred Andersen, Hilary Andersen 16 OC-2 Sr. Masters 55+ mixed 00:52:33.24 5 1
Long Course Shannon Hartnett 30 OC-1 18-54 female 00:56:06.83 6 1
Long Course Mike Staninec 41 Surfski Single Sr. Masters 55+ male 00:56:09.63 7 1
Long Course Geoff James 29 OC-1 18-54 male 00:59:50.89 8 1
Long Course Dave Jensen 49 SUP 14' 18-54 male 01:02:33.82 9 1
Long Course Haakon Hoyer-nelson 38 SUP 12'6" U18 male 01:02:36.28 10 1
Long Course Phil Tresenrider 59 SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 01:02:40.27 11 1
Long Course Craig Caddell 11 Surfski Single Sr. Masters 55+ male 01:02:49.51 12 2
Long Course Daniel Alvarez 52 SUP 14' 18-54 male 01:03:49.16 13 2
Long Course Jamie Willin 34 SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 01:04:51.53 14 2
Long Course Jennifer Fuller 55 SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 01:07:14.53 15 1
Long Course Dave Hook 17 SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 01:08:48.94 16 3
Long Course Zach Jirkovsky 39 Prone 14' 18-54 male 01:09:20.59 17 1
Long Course Carlo Maravilla 56 SUP 12'6" 18-54 male 01:09:32.47 18 1
Long Course Shanna Upton 31 SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 01:09:39.59 19 2
Long Course Mikey Crimmins 36 OC-1 U18 male 01:09:51.34 20 1
Long Course Mike Crimmins 33 OC-1 Sr. Masters 55+ male 01:09:52.50 21 1
Long Course John Walsh 57 SUP 12'6" 18-54 male 01:10:20.36 22 2
Long Course Patrick Alteri 35 SUP 12'6" 18-54 male 01:12:44.85 23 3
Long Course Leo Montero 50 SUP 14' 18-54 male 01:12:49.91 24 3
Long Course Rob Sinclaire 43 SUP 14' 18-54 male 01:13:07.22 25 4
Long Course Jimmy Robison 53 SUP 14' 18-54 male 01:13:40.96 26 5
Long Course Sean Mosbey 18 SUP 14' 18-54 male 01:14:00.50 27 6
Long Course Tom Sher 3 SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 01:14:23.84 28 4
Long Course Mary Spicer 54 SUP 14' 18-54 female 01:15:44.63 29 1
Long Course Madeleine King 48 SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ female 01:16:07.69 30 1
Long Course Mark Cappa 42 Prone 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 01:21:46.89 31 1
Long Course Kim Charlesworth 45 SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 01:23:59.36 32 3
Long Course Danielle Mcpherson 22 Prone Unlimited 18-54 female 01:24:01.15 33 1

Short Course Jasper Caddell 10 Kayak u-18 male 00:25:25.36 1 1
Short Course Dylan Anacleto-black 9 Surfski Single u-18 male 00:26:43.50 2 1
Short Course Sebastian Palluk 19 Surfski Single 18-54 male 00:27:08.58 3 1
Short Course Philip Majumdar 12 Surfski Single u-18 male 00:28:01.18 4 2
Short Course Chloe Madden 21 Kayak u-18 female 00:28:07.53 5 1
Short Course Christopher Farris 58 Surfski Single Sr. Masters 55+ male 00:31:26.06 6 1
Short Course Rod De La Rosa 13 SUP 14' 18-54 male 00:34:28.13 7 1
Short Course Bruce Ahlbom 23 SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 00:35:31.11 8 1
Short Course Jeff Kay 1 Prone Unlimited 18-54 male 00:36:19.10 9 1
Short Course Hong Chin 28 SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 00:36:39.25 10 2
Short Course Skip Warren 15 SUP 12'6" 18-54 male 00:37:10.45 11 1
Short Course Bob Cooper 4 Kayak Sr. Masters 55+ male 00:37:31.93 12 1
Short Course Takahiro Chino 7 SUP Under 12'6" 18-54 male 00:38:38.76 13 1
Short Course Huda Mann 40 SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ male 00:38:45.03 14 1
Short Course Cathy Huang 25 SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ female 00:38:51.70 15 1
Short Course Sunny Blende 24 SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ female 00:39:54.24 16 2
Short Course Paul Wilson 32 Prone 14' 18-54 male 00:39:55.20 17 1
Short Course Bruce Brubaker 44 SUP Under 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ male 00:43:07.21 18 1
Short Course Daniel Garcia 27 SUP 14' 18-54 male 00:46:17.85 19 2
Short Course Emily Ronnow 47 SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 00:46:46.02 20 1
Short Course Alexander Alvarez 51 SUP Under 12'6" u-18 male 00:50:51.86 21 1
Short Course Vincent Huang 26 SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 00:55:04.95 22 3

Timing Offsets
Long Course Double Surfski and OC – As is
Long Course Boats – Minus 1 minute
Long Course SUP/Pron – Minus 2 Minutes
Short Course – Minus 6 Minutes

This photo sums up racing at 101 Surf Sports. See you again soon!

Racing at 101 Surf Sports

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