101 Surf Sports Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking on San Francisco Bay

Paddleboard Racing with your dog at 101 Surf Sports

We raised over $7000 today for a great cause, had a great time, and spent the day with good friends. Thanks to all those who paddled with a special nod of thanks to the weather gods who smiled upon us in a big way. (pictured who is leading this pack?)

The cause was the fight against cancer with all the proceeds on the day’s race, $7170 dollars worth to be specific, being donated to UCSF to use in the fight against cancer. The day started off with an inspirational update from the shop’s owner, Cort Larned, on the return of his cancer and his fight to beat it back. Cort was joined by his Oncologist Babis Andreadis who shared a quick lay-of-the-land on the new cancer treatments, including the promise of some of the new immuno-therapy treatments. Babis thanked the assembled fleet, and praise the grass root efforts like this that are helping making these new treatments possible. (pictured below the Melville/Marshall dynamic duo on the Starboard Tandem inflatable.)d

Tandem Starboard Paddleboard Racing!

With bright blue skies and windless conditions, we could not have asked for a better day. We had a plethora of Stand Up Paddleboards, Outrigger Canoes, Surfski’s, Kayaks, and Prone Paddleboards queued up for action. We love the diversity of our fleet and while  the highlights on the day were many, we have to single out Kathleen Shamp and Amanda Kahn-Kirby who completed the race with their dogs on board. Now that’s our style!

Outrigger Canoes blast off the starting line

With paddlers coming from Santa Cruz to Lake Tahoe we were stoked to see so many people pitching in to help. With that said nobody pitched in bigger than Jimmy Lewis Stand Up Paddleboards. Jimmy donated the board of winners choice to our live auction. One Carbon Sidewinder ready for action – congratulations and thank you Alex! (Pictured below the 14ft SUP Long Course Start)

Paddleboard Racing on San Francisco Bay

maui jim sun glasses

Starboard and SIC Maui both stepped up big time with the donation of a 2017 Drive and a 2017 Airglide 12’6 respectively. O’Neill wetsuits got in on the action with a wetsuit, while Maui Jim and Suncloud both donated sunglasses to the winners of our raffle. A thanks to John Hadley for the Olive Oil made right here in the Bay Area that rounded out a supper successful raffle.

Classy brands fighting cancer!

We could not have done the event without the help of our normal support team. With a cornucopia of fresh fruit from the Fruit Guys, bottomless boxes of Kinds new (and delicious) breakfast bars, and a never-ending supply of Hint Water it was one well ‘nutritioned’ crew. After a long hard paddle nothing is quite so tasty as the brew from the Petaluma Based 101 North Brewing. Ok so one thing is just as tasty and that’s Mamie’s Pies chased down with Three Twins Ice Cream. We implore you to support the businesses that support our sport. So yes, drinking beer and eating pie is all we ask – you in? (Pictured below our resident otter even showed up to say thanks!)

Tandem Starboard Paddleboard Racing!

mike wang paddling san francisco bay

We have to also mention the special appearance of Mike Wang. Mike was not racing but paddled all the way from Angel Island to the shop on his inflatable. Mike is circumnavigating San Francisco Bay by paddleboard and is raising money as he goes. Mike is padding to support the fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma. You can support is efforts by clicking here.

Thanks as well to our volunteers. With Jen Fuller on the starting line and Mimi Towle and Leigh Claxton running front on the catering we were moving like a well-oiled machine. Thanks guys.

101 Surf Sports Stand Up Paddleboard Race

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Complete Results Below

support the businesses that support our sport.

Offsets - Long Course Surfski Accurate as is. Long Course OC1 -1 minute, SUP 14 -2 minutes, SUP 12'6 - 3 minutes. Short course boats -9 minutes, Paddleboards -10 minutes.

Event Name       Name(s)              Craft      Age Group          GenderTime      Rank      Div Rank

Long Course       Amy Byers, Elaine Baden               Surfski Double   18-55     female  00:47:18.05         1              1

Long Course       Frank Peronetto               Surfski Single      18-55     male      00:47:40.35         2              1

Long Course       Matt Hinckley    Surfski Single      18-55     male      00:51:34.03         3              2

Long Course       Jay Wild                OC-1      18-55     male      00:52:17.71         4              1

Long Course       Doug Kidder       OC-1      Sr. Masters 55+male      00:52:41.62         5              1

Long Course       Jasper Caddell   Surfski Single      U18        male      00:53:37.28         6              1

Long Course       Cath Caddell       Surfski Single      18-55     female  00:53:42.42         7              1

Long Course       Anik Wild, Juliet Starrett               OC-2      18-55     female  00:53:52.96         8              1

Long Course       George Marshall               OC-1      18-55     male      00:54:12.08         9              2

Long Course       Fred Andersen, Hilary AndersenOC-2      Sr. Masters 55+mixed   00:54:20.99         10           1

Long Course       John Kaplanis     OC-1      Sr. Masters 55+male      00:54:30.91         11           2

Long Course       Mike Crimmins, Mikey Crimmins               OC-2      Sr. Masters 55+male      00:54:57.83         12           1

Long Course       Shannon Hartnett            OC-1      18-55     female  00:55:21.21         13           1

Long Course       Rune Hoyer Nielsen, Annakari Hoyer-nielsen       OC-2      18-55     mixed   00:55:33.66         14           1

Long Course       Kylie Rae Marshall, Kira Jade Marshall     OC-2      U18        female  00:57:06.95         15           1

Long Course       Susan Starbird   Surfski Single      Sr. Masters 55+female  00:57:57.93         16           1

Long Course       Misha Riszkiewicz            Surfski Single      Sr. Masters 55+male      00:59:19.39         17           1

Long Course       Geoffrey Sears  Surfski Single      Sr. Masters 55+male      01:00:57.52         18           2

Long Course       Robin Gandolfi  OC-1      18-55     female  01:02:25.66         19           2

Long Course       Daniel Alvarez   SUP 14'18-55     male      01:03:35.78         20           1

Long Course       Barry Wicks         SUP 14'18-55     male      01:04:11.27         21           2

Long Course       Cary Fergus        OC-1      Sr. Masters 55+male      01:05:36.97         22           3

Long Course       Marie Low           OC-1      18-55     female  01:05:47.55         23           3

Long Course       Kalia Alexiou      SUP 12'6"             U18        female  01:06:37.35         24           1

Long Course       Dave Hook          SUP 14'Sr. Masters 55+male      01:06:47.24         25           1

Long Course       Amy Marshall, Michael MelvilleSea Kayak Double            18-55     mixed   01:06:55.43         26           1

Long Course       Zach Jirkovsky   Prone 14'             18-55     male      01:07:32.72         27           1

Long Course       Carlo Maravilla  SUP 12'6"             18-55     male      01:09:10.41         28           1

Long Course       Rob Sinclaire      SUP 14'18-55     male      01:09:50.26         29           3

Long Course       Leo Montero     SUP 14'18-55     male      01:10:04.34         30           4

Long Course       Cary Riter            SUP 14'Sr. Masters 55+male      01:10:45.95         31           2

Long Course       Sean Mosbey     SUP 14'18-55     male      01:12:20.13         32           5

Long Course       Darren Howe     SUP 14'18-55     male      01:13:45.19         33           6

Long Course       Alex Groswird    SUP 14'Sr. Masters 55+male      01:15:32.67         34           3

Long Course       Madeleine KingSUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 55+female  01:16:07.38         35           1

Long Course       Tyler Brooks       SUP 12'6"             U18        male      01:18:09.48         36           1

Long Course       Amy Mosbey     SUP 12'6"             18-55     female  01:26:46.97         37           1

Long Course       Frank Perrott     SUP Under 12'6"               Sr. Masters 55+male      01:27:25.41         38           1

Long Course       Claudia Breuer  SUP 12'6"             18-55     female  01:28:53.33         39           2

Long Course       Christian Gilby   SUP 12'6"             18-55     male      01:30:21.30         40           2

Short Course      Dylan Anacleto-black      Surfski Single      U18        male   00:30:04.28         1              1

Short Course      Doug Bryant       Surfski Single      18-54     male      00:34:28.69         2              1

Short Course      Patrick Alteri      SUP 14'18-54     male      00:36:56.89         3              1

Short Course      Robert Demarco               SUP 14'18-54     male      00:36:58.99         4              2

Short Course      Ariel Bryant, Abigail Armstrong  Sea Kayak Double            U18        female  00:37:43.85         5              1

Short Course      Rod De La RosaSUP 14'18-54     male      00:37:46.16         6              3

Short Course      Treston Vorac    SUP 14'18-54     male      00:38:27.42         7              4

Short Course      Bob Cooper        Sea Kayak            Sr. Masters 55+male      00:38:35.50         8              1

Short Course      Chris Yacoub      SUP 14'18-54     male      00:38:56.70         9              5

Short Course      Vincent Huang   SUP 14'Sr. Masters 55+male      00:39:19.04         10           1

Short Course      Jake Simon          Prone 14'             18-54     male      00:40:19.34         11           1

Short Course      Calisa Hildebrand        Sea Kayak Double            18-54     mixed   00:40:46.58         12                1

Short Course      Christopher Adair             SUP Under 12'6"               18-54     male      00:41:07.27         13           1

Short Course      Jeff KayProne 14'             18-54     male      00:41:23.58         14           2

Short Course      Cathy Huang       SUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 55+female  00:41:39.40         15           1

Short Course      Sunny Blende    SUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 55+female  00:42:35.93         16           2

Short Course      Nick Pettersen  Sea Kayak            18-54     male      00:42:55.61         17           1

Short Course      Renee Hoyer-nielsen      SUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 55+female  00:43:48.00         18           3

Short Course      Tony Graef         SUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 55+male      00:45:03.26         19           1

Short Course      Ashley Taylor     SUP 12'6"             18-54     female  00:45:19.28         20           1

Short Course      Shawn Ewing      SUP Under 12'6"               18-54     male      00:45:28.99         21           2

Short Course      Nikki Cimatu       SUP Unlimited   18-54     female  00:46:23.58         22           1

Short Course      Janice Callahan  SUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 55+female  00:47:18.59         23           4

Short Course      Ashley Helmetag              SUP 14'18-54     female  00:47:26.02         24           1

Short Course      Anise GemmellSea Kayak            18-54     female  00:47:39.79         25           1

Short Course      Arline Thomas   SUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 55+female  00:47:53.41         26           5

Short Course      Mimi Towle        SUP 14'18-54     female  00:55:23.74         27           2

Short Course      Jennifer KlopferSUP 12'6"             18-54     female  00:55:27.96         28           2

Short Course      Kathleen Shamp               SUP Under 12'6"               18-54     female  00:56:32.89         29           1

Short Course      Deirdre Geary    SUP 14'18-54     female  00:58:01.11         30           3

Short Course      Amanda Kahn-kirby        SUP Under 12'6"               18-54     female  00:58:07.24         31           2

Short Course      Bob Charlesworth            SUP Under 12'6"               U18        male      01:01:46.08         32           1

Short Course      Kim Charlesworth            SUP Under 12'6"               18-54     female  01:02:07.90         33           3


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