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Cancer touches us all, but for me it’s more like a slap up side the head. Once again I’m in the fight. My cancer, called Mantle Cell Lymphoma or MCL, has returned after being in remission for the last 6 ½ years, MCL is very aggressive and is currently thought to be incurable.

When I first read about MCL it scared the living daylights out of me. At that time 90% of the people that were diagnosed died within 5 years, and most within 18 months. Luckily I went through protocol H59099 at UCSF that was called Ultra Chemotherapy with Stem Cell Support. This protocol was started 8 years prior to my diagnosis and the trial ended just before I was diagnosed. The highly refined clinical trial allowed me to be cancer free for 6 ½ years, and in that time the medical community has come up with a number of new treatments for reoccurrence.

I’m currently taking an oral chemotherapy everyday that has “minimal” side effects that should buy me a couple more cancer free years. When my cancer does come back, which is more then likely, than there is already additional treatments in place to continue the fight. None of this would be possible with out fund raising to pay for these trials and the amazing medical community that works tirelessly in the fight against this insidious disease.

Classy brands fighting cancer!

With that said we still need your help, so please join us here at 101 Surf Sports for our paddle race on January 14th where all proceeds will go to cancer research at the UCSF School of Medicine. This includes the entry fee and all funds earned from our silent auction, raffle, and live auctions. Despite the gravity of this post this will be one heck of a fun day. This is the perfect race for first time racers and elite athletes alike. We welcome SUP, Prone, Surfski, Kayak, and Outrigger classes so grab your paddle and come join for good times and a good cause.

A 2 mile course short course stays inside the protected waters of our canal.

A 6 mile long couse goes around the Marin Islands and in to San Pablo Bay.

We Race Rain Or Shine.

Invited Classes - OC - Surfski - SUP - Kayak - Prone

Register online and rent a raceboard or kayak for the race for only $30. (all to charity)

Early Entry Fee - $30 - RACE DAY REGISTRATION - $40 (all to charity)

NO REFUNDS all Registrations Final.

8-9 am Registration
9:30 am Skippers Meeting
10 am Start
12 pm lunch served
1 pm awards

paddlea gainst cancerA small sample of our auction items will include:

  • Jimmy Lewis SUP board
  • Starboard SUP board
  • SIC inflatable SUP board
  • Werner SUP or Kayak paddle
  • Quickblade SUP or Outrigger paddle
  • O’neill wetsuit
  • Maui Jim Sunglasses
  • Suncloud Sunglasses
  • Dakine Gear
  • And much more!

Or if you are simply compelled to donate directly to cancer research, click here.

Sign up now to fight cancerThanks to all the companies that we call our friends and partners. We are quite blessed to be part of such a giving and loving community and that includes you so thank you for all you have done. The fight however goes on and we need to keep pressing forward.

And finally, if you are interested in being in on the patient end of the equation, you can read the text my friend and oncologist Dr Babis Andreadis wrote me last fall to explain my options. Warning; there is science, humor, and love between the lines as he reassures me that I’m not leaving earth soon. Click Here to read it.

My sincerest thank you for all your support and see you soon.

Cort Larned

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