101 Surf Sports Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking on San Francisco Bay

Outrigger Canoes and Surfskis at the start of the Long Strange Trip Paddle Race

The 2016 Terrapin Crossroads Long Strange Trip 13-mile Paddle Race was just that; Long and Strange.(pictured above the Outrigger Canoes, Surfskis, and Kayaks at the start)

terrapin crossroads has the best food in marin county!With wild weather all week long it was the remnants of two storms that made for the long part. The strangeness came in that despite a King Tide Flood Tide pushing in, the massive amount of water flowing from the Sacramento, Petaluma, and Napa Rivers meant that the flow was actually pushing against the paddlers the whole way. No one came anywhere close to any of the course records given all the extra effort needed to overcome the treadmill of water working against them. fleet. (pictured below the fleet readies for action)The starting line crew.

The day started frosty – literally. With ice covered boards, and chilly north winds, the start of the day was a cold one. The racers however were ready for the action and took to the water to complete the 13 mile course from Fort Baker to the shop here in San Rafael. Queueing up on the day were OC1, OC2, OC6, Surfski, Double Surfski, Sea Kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards, and Prone Paddleboards. Diversity and Inclusion is what we are all about. (pictured below the top 3 finishers Elaine Baden and John Green leading Kenny Howell with Fran Peronetto just out of striking distance)

The top three finishers at the 2016 LST

This race is full of logistical difficulties. With the need to shuttle all the racers around, and the need for multiple safety boats, it takes a village to pull this one off. With that said we have to thank Mark Guelfi and Allyn Shafer as well as Russ Silvestri for providing on the water support with two of the nicest protectors on San Francisco Bay. Another nod of thanks to Drew Testwuide the skipper of the Stand Up Paddleboard Tour Operator The Barbary Ghost for also spending the whole day on the water keeping us safe. And of course, a big shout out to the San Rafael Police Department Boat Captained by Mark Heedon. With all that firepower on the water we knew we’d see everyone at the finish line.


A big Thanks has to go out to Tom Sher and Bruce Albhom. Both of whom donated their cars and their time in providing shuttle service to all the paddlers. THANK YOU!

We’d be remiss in not thanking our supporters. First up the team at 101 North Brewing who we think has the best IPA on the market and we have tested this extensively. A special added nod to Derek O’Connell for all his help in keeping the crew happy and more importantly the beer cold. Pie and Ice Cream for Christmas? Yes, and please make it a Mamie’s Pie and Three Twins Ice Cream Combo. Local businesses doing local good. The racers were greeted at both the starting line and the finish line with bottomless bottles of Hint Water, and a massive assortment of Kind Bars. The new Kind Breakfast bars were the star of the show. One more thanks has to go to the team at the Fruit Guys. We had large boxes of fresh fruit at both ends of the course balancing out our pie/ice cream/beer with a nice healthy alternative.

Paddle of the day honors went to Junior Guard Skye Davies. 13 Miles on a stock prone - nice work Skye!

Skye Davies - 13 miles no paddle!

The biggest thanks of all has to go event sponsor Terrapin Crossroads. They have been great neighbors over the years and we hope you’ll use the cornucopia of gift cards they set us up with. Please do make sure and tell them just how thankful you are when go. Support the businesses that support our sport!

Support The Businesses that support our sport!

Out next race is a race for Charity with 100% of the proceeds going to UCSF Cancer Research on January 14th. We’ll be raffling off boards and auctioning off more goodies so come join us! The weekend after, on January 21st, we’ll be paddle racing in Redwood City so join us for both!

Thanks again to all who paddled. Simply finishing today was an accomplishment. You went long, got strange, and now we wish you and yours a fantastic holiday season. Paddle on.

PHOTO GALLERY (unedited)

Complete Results Below (Boats remove 4 minutes to get the correct time)

Name(s)              Craft      Age Group          GenderTime      Rank      Div Rank

Elaine Baden, John Green Surfski Double Sr. Masters 55+               mixed   01:51:11.50         1              1

Kenny Howell    Surfski Single      Sr. Masters 55+male      01:51:16.66         2              1

Frank PeronettoSurfski Single     18-54     male      01:51:55.40         3              1

Paul Macintyre  Surfski Single      Sr. Masters 55+male      01:57:01.38         4              2

He'e Nalu OC 6 1:57:05

Tim Cornwell, Josh Luria                OC-2      18-54     male      01:58:40.36         5              1

Devin Costa OC-118-54  male      02:07:08.86         6              1

Judy JensenSurfski Single 18-54  female  02:07:34.03         7              1

George MarshallOC-1     18-54     male      02:08:37.80         8              2

Michael O'donnell Surfski SingleSr. Masters 55+male      02:10:29.16         9              3

Rhonda Gannon, Lise Oberth      OC-2      Sr. Masters 55+female  02:11:43.31         10           1

Will Cooley, JIm Ures       OC-2      18-54     male      02:11:54.51         11           2

Charlie BanfieldOC-1      Sr. Masters 55+male      02:12:06.74         12           1

Terri Bedford, Jeff Bedford Sea Kayak DbleSr. Masters 55+ mixed               02:12:16.35         13           1

Jim Gannon OC-1 Sr. Masters 55+ male  02:12:38.51         14           2

Les Scanlan OC-1 Sr. Masters 55+              male      02:12:54.29         15           3

Fred Andersen, Hilary AndersenOC-2      Sr. Masters 55+mixed   02:14:52.82         16           1

Tim Cogliandro  OC-1      18-54     male      02:15:00.06         17           3

Bojan Bernard   SUP 14'18-54     male      02:15:51.85         18           1

Shannon Hartnett OC-118-54     female  02:17:15               19           1

Amy Byers Surfski Single               18-54     female  02:18:43.04         20           2

Jeff KayOC-1 18-54          male      02:20:10.19         21           4

Mike Vivas OC-1 Sr. Masters 55+                male      02:20:30.36         22           4

Geoff JamesOC-1 18-54male      02:22:35.32         23           5

Chad RaugewitzSUP 14'18-54     male      02:23:09.43         24           2

Priscilla Mckenney OC-1Sr. Masters 55+female  02:27:49.82         25           1

John Schalka       SUP 14'Sr. Masters 55+male      02:28:16.24         26           1

Barry Wicks         SUP 14'18-54     male      02:29:15.29         27           3

Daniel Alvarez   SUP 14'18-54     male      02:29:45.23         28           4

Robin Gandolfi  OC-1      18-54     female  02:30:39.23         29           2

Peter Bacot         OC-1      Sr. Masters 55+male      02:34:30.99         30           5

Susan Norman, Shari Kidani         OC-2      Sr. Masters 55+female  02:35:03.78         31           2

Josh Mcdonald  SUP 14'18-54     male      02:35:12.52         32           5

Dan Miller           SUP 14'18-54     male      02:35:25.44         33           6

Alison Loomis    Surfski Single      18-54     female  02:36:17.33         34           3

John Dye              SUP 14'Sr. Masters 55+male      02:38:39.99         35           2

John Walsh         SUP 12'6"             18-54     male      02:39:54.04         36           1

Jamie Willin         SUP 14'Sr. Masters 55+male      02:41:21.29         37           3

Adam Lowry       SUP 14'18-54     male      02:42:54.14         38           7

Geoffrey Sears  Sea Kayak            Sr. Masters 55+male      02:42:55.15         39           1

Darius Rogers    SUP 14'18-54     male      02:46:37.14         40           8

James Robison  SUP 14'18-54     male      02:48:36.90         41           9

Cary Fergus        OC-1      Sr. Masters 55+male      02:49:00.08         42           6

Timothy DurbinSea Kayak            18-54     male      02:49:42.07         43           1

Dave Hook          SUP 14'Sr. Masters 55+male      02:50:48.38         44           4

Carlo Maravilla  SUP 12'6"             18-54     male      02:51:30.14         45           2

Andi Traynor      SUP 12'6"             18-54     female  02:53:00.32         46           1

Yu Kuwabara      SUP 12'6"             18-54     male      02:56:36.81         47           3

Madeleine KingSUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 55+female  02:58:50.70         48           1

Leo Montero     SUP 14'18-54     male      02:59:48.19         49           10

Janet Walp          SUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 55+female  03:01:46.41         50           2

Dale UptegroveSUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 55+male      03:03:12.15         51           1

Emily Matthews SUP 14'                18-54     female  03:03:52.81         52           1

Tom Gallagher   SUP 14'18-54     male      03:05:09.62         53           11

Kim Charlesworth SUP 14'             18-54     female  03:05:16.39         54           2

Kim Wagner       SUP 14'18-54     male      03:05:45.98         55           12

Allan Maravilla   SUP 14'18-54     male      03:12:33.34         56           13

Brian Thomas    Prone 14'             18-54     male      03:14:33.62         57           1

Zach Jirkovsky   Prone 14'             18-54     male      03:14:34.62         58           2

Mark Guelfi        SUP 14'Sr. Masters 55+male      03:20:55.74         59           5

Randy Rentschler SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male  03:21:27.20         60           6

Mel Selvidge      SUP 12'6"             18-54     female  03:22:44.82         61           2

Rick Coven          Prone 14'             18-54     male      03:36:35.74         62           3

Charles Kurz       Sea Kayak            18-54     male      03:36:35.96         63           2

Skye Davies        Prone Stock        18-54     female  03:39:42.27         64           1

Steve Davies      Prone Stock        18-54     male      03:39:43.52         65           1



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