101 Surf Sports Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking on San Francisco Bay

Redwood City Paddle Race

Our second ever Redwood City Paddle Race was a soggy affair. With a solid dose of a pineapple express rain system passing over head the rain was falling, but with air temps in 60’s, and 101 North Brewing beer at the finish line it was one fine day to be on San Francisco Bay.(pictured the photo finish between Jeff Kay and the OC2 helmed by Terrence Li)

With a race motto of “rain or shine we are on the line” we were feeling a bit tested as we rolled up on the starting line. South South West winds were building and forecasted to hit the 30’s. With that information in hand we opted to change up the course to keep the paddlers in the lee of Greco island. The long course was a box course with two laps and the short course pulled up early on lap one to make for a nice 2.5 mile trip.

The fruit guys support the paddle sports so eat their fruit!Before racing started it was a cornucopia of beautiful fresh fruit courtesy race sponsor the Fruit Guys. Get some delivered to your home or office just click this for the best delivered fresh fruit around.

Just as the race was set to start the rain kicked in. The good news was that the warm rains completely killed all the wind to make for very nice flat conditions.

Our next race is the big one. Thirteen miles from Fort Baker to San Rafael. Sponsored by Terrapin Crossroads the race is known as the Long Strange Trip and is set to go this Saturday December 17th. The race is for advanced paddlers only. More Information on the Long Strange Trip.

We race again in Redwood City on January 21st. This one should be a great race for first time racers. Click Here For More Information on our next Redwood City Paddle Race.

Sorry about the lack of photos but just too much water falling from the sky to break out the camera.

West point harbor is the best harbor on San Francisco Bay

Special thanks to Westpoint Harbor for hosting on the day. What a spectacular place to paddle.

Thanks to all who paddled and see you at the next one.

Short Course

Last Name           First Name          Course Craft      Age Group          Time      Place

Chen  Andrew    Short  OC-1      18-54     33:00:00  First OC1 Men Short

Vargas  Ana Short OC-1      18-54     37:51:00   First OC1 Women Short

Adair     Christopher Short     SUP Under 12'6"  18-54  40:41:00  1st SUP Men

Reyes    Siomara  Short     SUP 14'18-54     44:05:00   1st SUP Women Short 14'

Robinson  Sarah   Short     SUP 12'6"  18-54     46:12:00  1st SUP Women Short 12'6

Cheney  Bill      Short     SUP Under 12'6"  18-54     47:40:00  2nd Man SUP short

Chan King Choy Nathalie     Short     SUP 12'6" 18-54     49:52:00              

Helmetag   Ashley  Short     SUP 14'18-54     53:03:00   2nd SUP 14 women Short


Long Course                                                                                              

Sun Matthew             Long      OC-1      18-54     51:20:00               1st OC Men

Li Terence               Long      OC-2      18-54     55:28:00               1st OC2

Kay  Jeff        Long      OC-1      18-54     55:30:00               2nd OC men

Staninec  Mike      Long      Surfski Single      Sr. Masters 55+  56:28:00    1st Surf Ski

Mcfadyen  Grant    Long      SUP 14'18-54     56:56:00          1st SUP 14

Lee    Orion     Long      OC-1      under 18              60:10:00       1st Junior OC

Gandolfi   Robin    Long      OC-1      18-54     60:33:00          1st OC women

Lam        Brendan      Long      OC-1      18-54     62:05:00          3rd place oc

Miller    Dan        Long      SUP 14'18-54     61:27:00        2nd place sup 14

Sears     Geoffrey    Long      Surfski Single      Sr. Masters 55+  62:53:00         2nd surfski men

Abrams    Claire     Long      Surfski Single      18-54     62:53:00          1st surf ski women

Willin     Jamie    Long      SUP 14'Sr. Masters 55+  61:58:00        3rd SUP 14 men

Wicks    Barry     Long      SUP 14'18-54     62:40:00              

Alvarez Daniel   Long      SUP 14'18-54     62:50:00              

Leong    Gary      Long      SUP 14'Sr. Masters 55+   78:19:00   1st SUP 14

Kong      Allen      Long      OC-1      18-54     79:50:00              

Laberge  Scott      Long      SUP 12'6"    Sr. Masters 55+   79:33:00  1st SUP 12'6 men

Groswird   Alex       Long      SUP 14'Sr. Masters 55+  81:00:00              

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