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Red Paddle Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards at our San Rafael Shop

Part of the value of our shop, and the expertise of our staff, is sourcing the best gear for you to ride. With the explosion in popularity of inflatable stand up paddleboards we have been watching Red Paddle Co. since they began. Their new MSL technology was the final tipping point for us to bring in the Mercedes brand of SUP Inflatables to our San Rafael shop.

Red Paddle Co does just one thing - inflatable stand up paddleboards. Its been our experience that these vertical companies do a better job in their niche than the larger manufacturers who may try too hard to be everything to everybody. For example our two best paddles come from vertical companies in Werner and Quickblade paddles. 

We pay special attention to the gear we choose to make sure it will ride well in the diverse conditions of San Francisco Bay. One industry trap has been to simply make the inflatable taller on the sidewalls. Doing so is the easiest way to make a board stiff with out adding cost. There is one huge downside to this and that is the wind. With ever growing sidewalls, some up to 8" thick now, the wind can be a serious problem. In kayaking they call it freeboard and some of the newer models.

Our experience however has shown that too much of a good thing is a bad thing and we don't even stock the 8" models. They simply are not good here on San Francisco Bay. We advise at about 185 or so to look hard at the 6" models but for riders under that the 4.75 or 5 inch models are the way to go.

red paddle co inflatable SUP's for San Francisco Bay

Besides the great durability, and obvious portability and storage benefits, the new Red Paddle Boards are light. The MSL technology minimizes glue and the result is a light durable board. The RSS Battens provide stiffness with out having to raise those sidewalls so you get to have your cake and eat it too. In addition the board comes with the best bag of any inflatable on the market (perhaps a tie with Starboard - bag pictured at right), and the unequivocal best pump the Red Paddle Co Titan Pump.

Check out our inventory of Red Paddle Co Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards here.

We are stoked on Red Paddle Co but you be the judge. Come give them demo and test them right along side Starboard, SIC Maui, Cascade, Jimmy Lewis and more. We carry a large selection in stock and our on the water location means you can try before you buy! Check out the 2017 Red Paddle Co Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard line in the video below.

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