101 Surf Sports Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking on San Francisco Bay

Stand Up Paddlerboard Racing on San Francisco Bay

There is only one way to get better at paddling and that is by paddling. Even better if you can paddle with folks that will push you to get even better. We are stoked to offer up some opportunities to get even better.

This is an informal group of folks getting together to make ourselves better paddlers. Paddlers of all abilities are welcome. Both men and women, prone and SUP, 12'6 or 14 foot it doesn't matter just bring it whatever it is. If needed board rental is available for $35 flat fee paddle as long as you want. If you bring your own gear there is no charge to paddle.

Right now we have two sessions and soon we roll out a third after we get some voice of the paddler.

Session #1 - Sundays 7am

Session #2 - Tuesdays 8:15am.

We cannot be sure we will be paddling every week however session dates are posted well in advance. We will most often paddle regardless of weather conditions. However a sick child or other life event may cause cancellations so to be sure we ask everyone checks the calendar the day before the event. All cancellations will be posted.

All the action is centered at the shop at 115 third St. in San Rafael.  For the Sunday You must be here at 7am. We all leave by 7:15am.  The shop is then closed and locked until 8:15 to 8:30am. As long as you keep hold of all of your personal items you can leave whenever you want. Showers are available after paddling.

The group will paddle off - some together - some alone. We generally all stay together for the first mile doing drills and practicing skills as we paddle the canal.

As we exit the canal the paddlers pick up to their own personal pace and we generally spend 30-45 minutes in the bay paddling and working on skills. 

We then tend to regroup at the mouth of the canal and do the last mile together. We usually go as hard as we can this last mile.

There is no RSVP required. If the event is listed on the 101 Surf Sports Calendar the day before then it's on. YOU NEED TO CHECK THE CALENDAR THE DAY BEFORE to make sure no cancellation has occurred.

If you have questions feel free to call 415-524-8492 and ask for David.


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Paddle Race To Benefit North Bay Fire Victims

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