101 Surf Sports Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking on San Francisco Bay

Stand Up Paddleboard racing under rainbows on San Francsico Bay

What a group of paddlers! Despite forecasts for rain and wind we were beyond stoked to see all 101 slots fill up some 48 hours before race time. With a charitable motive driving the crew it was a great day of paddle racing under rainbows on San Francisco Bay. (complete results at the bottom of this article)

oneill supports paddling

It was an even more diverse mix of folks than normal making up a near 50/50 Split between short and long course. It was our biggest prone paddleboard fleet ever with Outrigger Canoes, Surfskis, Stand Up Paddleboards, and Kayaks rounding out the fleet. We were more than stoked to see Sacramento’s Rivertown Paddlers Keiki come to town and reel off some impressive performances. Paddle of the day honors have to go to Justin Banfield and David Waynar. Both paddlers were in position for the podium but stopped to render aid to a surfski paddler in need. That makes the two of them our Waterman Award winners – way to represent boys – Thanks!

whole foods market supports paddle sports

All the proceeds from this, our third race of the season, will be donated to UCSF Helen Diller Cancer Center with a designation for Melanoma Research. Before the race kicked off we got a sense of just what’s going on in the world of skin cancer research from Alain Agazi, Assistant Professor of the UCSF Melanoma Oncology team. Alain was quick to point out that the fight is on and progress is being made in finding the cure not only for Skin Cancer but other forms of cancer as well. We took some time out to remember those we have lost and then sent all our energies out to those who are battling as we are paddling. If you would like to make a donation it is not too late – CLICK HERE TO DONATE FOR THE FIGHT AGAINST CANCER. Thanks to all your support we raise $5130!!

Oneill And Starboard support the fight against skin cancer.

The day simply would not have been possible without the incredible support of our business partners. First up is a massive thanks to O’Neill Wetsuits. O’Neill has been long committed to fighting skin cancer through their “Don’t Get Burned” campaign aligned with their support of the Skin Cancer Foundation. The focus of their fight is to lead the prevention efforts as well as to fund the ongoing search for a cure. O’Neill donated a black UPF50 rash guard to each and every entrant. In addition they loaded the prize table with literally racks of cool giveaways but the icing on the cake was the donation of 2 full 4/3 O’Neill Epic Wetsuits. O’Neill wetsuits is leading from the front.

Stand Up Paddlerboard Racing on San Francisco Bay 

kahuna creations

Starboard stand up paddle stood tall with the donation of one the best all-around Stand Up Paddleboards there is; the Starboard Big Easy. Jimmy Lewis donated two Masao paddles. While the Jimmy Lewis paddles are great all around paddles the beautiful Masao imprints on the paddle make theme veritable works of art. Werner Paddles donated one the best paddles on the planet – The Werner Grand Prix. Another shout out has to go to SUPreme water wear for going big and donating a plethora or rashguards and outerwear that were no doubt a big reason behind the big take on the days raffle. To round out the paddles it was SIC Maui going full carbon with the donation of a Maliko cut to fit! New to the donation fest was Kahuna Creations with a gorgeous drop deck skateboard that was a huge hit in our live auction. Camelbak rounded out our sponsors with some killer hydration packs for our prize winners. Thanks again to all who pitched in to help us raise money.

Raising Money for the fight against skin cancer.

As long as we are saying thanks it's thanks as usual to our cadre of supporters. Whole Foods laid out an insane lunch spread. Hint Water donated all the hydration the fleet could drink. Hint Water has become synonymous with paddling with their support of many of the area’s events. Their no sugar hydration lines up perfectly with the healthy lifestyle the paddle sports supports. Mamie’s Pie with Three Twins ice cream chasers made for a big hit and the Marin Brewing Company libations were flowing as freely as freely as the fleets spirits on the day. Kind Bar was there in force and we highlighted the more savory side of their line up; Thai Chili Bar - YUMMM! The Fruit Guys showered copious amounts of fruit for the racers to nosh on. Fresh fuel for healthy living that you too can have delivered straight to your home or office.The fleet was kept safe by the steady crew of the San Rafael Police Department boat. All the racers owe a slice of thanks to all the volunteers who pitched in to help. Stand Up Paddleboard Tour Operator Drew Testwuide and his trusty mate Niko helped with the timing and photographer Ron Steinau was behind the lens making for one deep photo gallery. Please support the businesses that support our sport - that's what makes it all work.

Keiki stand up paddleboard racing

We knew starting out that the course records on the day were pretty safe. With the deluge of rain over the past couple of months the water flow down the canal was a veritable river heading towards the bay and making for slow times all around. The weather however couldn’t have been better given the rainy January we’ve been having. The racers had a downwind first leg that saw the wind die off as they headed back to home so that makes for one big thank you for mother nature. Thanks to all who paddled and remember to sign up for the next race as they sell out quick.

February 20th Paddle Race Info

March 12th Paddle Race Info

101 Surf Sports Paddleboard Racing on San Francisco Bay


Complete Results

Time Corrections - Long Course Boats accurate as is. Long Course 14 SUP Minus 2 minutes. Long Course 12'6 minus 4 minutes. Short Course Minus 6 minutes.

Event Name       Name(s)              Craft      Age Group          Gender                Time      Rank      Div Rank

Long Course       Paul Macintyre  Surfski Single     Sr. Masters 50+ male      00:48:40.06         1              1

Long Course       Amy Byers, Elaine Baden              Surfski Double   18-49     female  00:50:16.95         2              1

Long Course       Miles Saxty         Surfski Single     U18        male      00:54:51.14         3              1

Long Course       Misha Riszkiewicz, Susan Starbird             Surfski Double   Sr. Masters 50+ mixed   00:55:19.59         4              1

Long Course       Dave Loustalot  OC-1      Sr. Masters 50+ male      00:57:00.11         5              1

Long Course       Linda Banfield    OC-1      Sr. Masters 50+ female  01:00:43.84         6              1

Long Course       Fred Andersen  OC-1      Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:01:13.44         7              2

Long Course       Cyndee Chapple, Leslie Yuki Diakon         OC-2      Sr. Masters 50+ female  01:01:15.85         8              1

Long Course       James La'a           OC-1      Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:01:33.11         9              3

Long Course       Charlie Banfield                SUP Unlimited   Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:01:41.26         10           1

Long Course       Michael Garza, Michael Garza    OC-2      18-49     male      01:01:50.44         11           1

Long Course       Keith Mcconnaughay     SUP 14' 18-49     male      01:01:51.31         12           1

Long Course       John Hadley       SUP 14' 18-49     male      01:03:33.23         13           2

Long Course       Trevor Saxty       Surfski Single     Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:03:42.69         14           2

Long Course       Robi Rousset      SUP 14' 18-49     male      01:04:23.25         15           3

Long Course       Dave Jensen      SUP 14' Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:04:38.51         16           1

Long Course       Haakon Hoyer-nielsen   SUP 12'6"             U18        male      01:04:39.84         17           1

Long Course       Phil Tresenrider                SUP 14' Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:04:41.29         18           2

Long Course       Craig Woodyatt OC-1      Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:04:50.72         19           4

Long Course       Szilvia Sisneros  Sea Kayak            18-49     female  01:05:15.30         20           1

Long Course       Robin Gandolfi  OC-1      Sr. Masters 50+ female  01:05:48.56         21           2

Long Course       Jamie Willin        SUP 14' Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:07:05.81         22           3

Long Course       John Alexiou      SUP 14' Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:07:06.40         23           4

Long Course       Toby Cooper      Surfski Single     Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:08:16.58         24           3

Long Course       Cary Fergus        OC-1      Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:08:56.25         25           5

Long Course       Zach Jirkovsky   Prone 14'             18-49     male      01:08:59.15         26           1

Long Course       Justin Banfield   SUP 14' 18-49     male      01:09:53.52         27           4

Long Course       David Waynar    SUP 14' 18-49     male      01:09:54.01         28           5

Long Course       James Robison  SUP 14' Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:10:23.76         29           5

Long Course       John Dye             SUP 14' Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:12:51.05         30           6

Long Course       James Sweeney               Sea Kayak            Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:13:07.11         31           1

Long Course       Dave Hook          SUP 14' Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:13:15.55         32           7

Long Course       Shawn Callahan                SUP 14' 18-49     male      01:13:58.07         33           6

Long Course       Geoffrey Sears Surfski Single     Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:14:05.37         34           4

Long Course       John Walsh         SUP 12'6"             18-49     male      01:14:07.16         35           1

Long Course       Shanna Upton   SUP 12'6"             18-49     female  01:15:29.66         36           1

Long Course       Mike Staninec           OC-1      Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:15:33.11         37              6

Long Course       Judy Jensen       SUP 12'6"             18-49     female  01:17:19.88         38           2

Long Course       Julie Stevens      SUP 14' 18-49     female  01:19:46.64         39           1

Long Course       Riley Hurd           SUP 14' 18-49     male      01:20:17.34         40           7

Long Course       Melissa Ulrich    SUP 14' 18-49     female  01:21:25.98         4           2

Long Course       Alex Hill                SUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:23:26.57         42           1

Long Course       Janet Walp          SUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 50+ female  01:24:22.97         43           1

Long Course       Richard Carpenter           SUP 14' Sr. Masters 50+ male      01:27:16.15         44           8

Long Course       Mary Spicer        SUP 14' Sr. Masters 50+ female  01:28:47.30         45           1

Long Course       Janet Whittick   SUP 14' 18-49     female  01:28:47.88         45           3

Long Course       Ashley Taylor     SUP 12'6"             18-49     female  01:43:45.25         46           3

Long Course       Kate Carpenter SUP 14' Sr. Masters 50+ female  01:43:50.32         47           2

Short Course      Lia Gaetano        Surfski Single     18-49     female  00:24:42.78         1              1

Short Course      Craig Caddell      Surfski Single     Sr. Masters 50+ male      00:24:59.44         2              1

Short Course      Jasper Caddell   Surfski Single     U18        male      00:25:11.76         3              1

Short Course      Zachary Alva       Surfski Single     U18        male      00:26:37.63         4              2

Short Course      Cath Caddell       Surfski Single     Sr. Masters 50+ female  00:27:45.07         5              1

Short Course      Rori Mcdaniel    Surfski Single     U18        female  00:27:58.05         6              1

Short Course      Chloe Madden  Surfski Single     U18        female  00:28:32.80         7              2

Short Course      Helen Gallagher                OC-1      Sr. Masters 50+ female  00:28:55.02         8              1

Short Course      Barbara Leites   OC-1      Sr. Masters 50+ female  00:31:15.01         9              2

Short Course      Christopher Farris            Surfski Single     Sr. Masters 50+ male      00:31:34.25         10           2

Short Course      Rita Melamed    OC-1      18-49     female  00:31:48.49         11           1

Short Course      Philip Majumdar               Surfski Single     U18        male      00:32:19.30         12           3

Short Course      Tanya Alva          Surfski Single     U18        male      00:32:29.84         13           4

Short Course      Doug Haynie      SUP 14' 18-49     male      00:32:48.13         14           1

Short Course      Chris Yacoub      SUP 14' 18-49     male      00:33:07.35         15           2

Short Course      Kurt Mau             SUP 12'6"             18-49     male      00:33:12.89         16           1

Short Course      Hilary Andersen                SUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 50+ female  00:33:35.22         17           1

Short Course      Treston Vorac    SUP 14' 18-49     male      00:33:53.67         18           3

Short Course      Bob Cooper        Sea Kayak            Sr. Masters 50+ male      00:34:15.13         19           1

Short Course      Liz Hunter            Prone Stock        18-49     female  00:34:32.09         20           1

Short Course      Patrick Alteri      SUP 14' 18-49     male      00:34:56.96         21           4

Short Course      Christopher Adair            SUP Under 12'6"               18-49     male      00:35:36.53         22           1

Short Course      Danielle Mcpherson       Prone Stock        18-49     female  00:35:43.38         23           2

Short Course      Carey Peabody SUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 50+ female  00:36:16.59         24           2

Short Course      Kim Charlesworth            SUP 12'6"             18-49     female  00:36:32.33         25           1

Short Course      Vadim Sidelnikov             SUP 12'6"             18-49     male      00:36:55.41         26           2

Short Course      Jack Schmitz       SUP 14' Sr. Masters 50+ male      00:37:30.32         27           1

Short Course      Devin Best          Prone Stock        18-49     male      00:37:30.96         28           1

Short Course      Darren Howe     SUP Under 12'6"               18-49     male      00:37:43.06         29           2

Short Course      Kelton Stevens SUP 12'6"             U18        male      00:37:46.93         30           1

Short Course      Kim Shadwick    Prone 14'             18-49     female  00:38:37.16         31           1

Short Course      Kate Andersen  SUP 14' 18-49     female  00:39:14.99         32           1

Short Course      Suresh Singh      SUP 14' 18-49     male      00:39:26.27         33           5

Short Course      Bella Ferriter      SUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 50+ female  00:39:38.84         34           3

Short Course      Maxwell Schmitz              SUP Under 12'6"               18-49     male      00:39:50.13         35           3

Short Course      Maylanie Guerra Bevens              SUP Unlimited   Sr. Masters 50+ female  00:40:45.41         36           1

Short Course      Maylanie Bevens Guerra              SUP Under 12'6"               U18        female  00:40:46.03         37           1

Short Course      Emma Schmitz   SUP 14' 18-49     female  00:41:55.38         38           2

Short Course      John Porter        SUP 12'6"             18-49     male      00:42:07.69         39           3

Short Course      Tina Haley           SUP 12'6"             Sr. Masters 50+ female  00:42:18.67         40           4

Short Course      Priscilla Tran       Sea Kayak            18-49     female  00:43:02.65         41           1

Short Course      Jess Rossman    SUP 12'6"             18-49     female  00:46:46.49         42           2

Short Course      Patrick Lim          SUP 12'6"             18-49     male      00:47:42.84         43           4

Short Course      Michelle Heston               SUP Unlimited   18-49     female  00:49:09.47         44           1

Short Course      Alexander Alvarez           SUP Under 12'6"               U18        male      00:49:41.91         45           1

Short Course      Mimi Towle        SUP Under 12'6"               18-49     female  00:49:42.86         46           1

Short Course      Deirdre Geary   SUP 12'6"             18-49     female  00:50:04.23         47           3

Short Course      Misa Kohama     SUP Under 12'6"               U18        male      00:57:15.63         48           2

Short Course      Kazumasa Kohama          SUP Unlimited   18-49     male      00:57:22.26         49           1

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