Quickblade V-Drive and Trifecta in Fiberglass at 101 Surf Sports

One of the worlds hottest paddles just got a little more accessible for everyone and we are stoked to have the first batch in stock!

Quickblade has all the problems you want to have. Right now one of the biggest arguments in paddleboarding is which is better; The V-Drive or the Trifecta. Luckily for Quickblade they make them both. The paddles however have two problems for the non racing consumer. First off is the high price. Cutting edge design and space age materials equate to a price between $499 and $559 depending on the options you chose. The full carbon design makes them some of the most powerful blades at any size. Sometimes too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Non Racers or folks with sore shoulders may find these blades just that - too much of a good thing. 

Thankfully Quickblade has the answer. A new V-Drive and Trifecta with one big difference. A fiberglass blade. By changing out the carbon blade with a fiberglass version you get three changes right up front

  1. Price drops to $369
  2. Softer blade is better for shore shoulders or surfing applications
  3. Durability improves slightly.

New for these high performance blades is a little more fun. Color Options! No more boring carbon black as Quickblade has broken out the color and done so in style.

So now you get the best of both worlds. The design of the worlds best paddles with features that make them perfect for the everyday paddle. The paddles come in 5 shaft options. Round Tapered, Oval Tapered, Round Tapered 85, Elite Race, and Elite Flyweight. Come on down to 101 Surf Sports where all paddle demo's are free all the time.


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